the district sleeps alone tonight

After coming across a blogger's page review about a certain clutch, i had found immediate love for it and have been wishing upon the day i was able to get my hands on one of them or something that is remotely close to it.

I am in absolute love for Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2010-2011 collection of clutches. The attentive details of having a clutch handle as a knuckle brass totally mind fucks me! It gives off such an edgy, vigorous and rebel feel as well as a 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' dynamic to it. I believe McQueen is a total genius in hes own rights in redefining the way clutches are held by implanting handles that are forcefully known as a weapon upon a clutch to create a different effect from the norm. If he was to be alive today he would have created so much more intriguing and innovative things that the world has yet to see.

The story goes like this, i was catching up with one of my close friends Lucy as we were long overdue for a good old hang out session. We bestowed upon a quest to shop for her sisters birthday in the hope to find her a costume. There was a new store open just above the 2nd floor of Indooroopilly were i stumbled across a replicated version of McQueens clutch. Every little detail that McQueen used has been also replicated onto this very clutch! Even though its not the real deal, i still broguht it as anything remotely close to it is still the same thing! And now it has become one of my favorite items! i must say i need to buy another one, doesn't hurt to have a spare right?

I brought it at a reasonable price as well, and it looks just like the real one.