yellow missing signs

Velvet would be one of my most favourite materials to work with and wear, as it gives off such an effortless luster effect. Having always been a skirt kind of girl, velvet skirts have easily become a staple piece in my wardrobe. It's such an easy item to dress up for special occasions or dress down for a casual outing or class.

On a rather weird note, the scars on my legs have become a lot noticeable from recent photos. Might need some suggestions on how to rid or ease the colour tone of the scarring !

Top: Own design
Skirt: Own design


sometime around midnight

It's kind of nice catching up with high school friends again. Makes you miss those moments in life where you have no worries and responsibilities to think about, and that the world wasn't as scary as it seems now. Growing up makes you realise that being young is something you should not take for granted.

I apologise for not being able to take a photo of me wearing the outfit or any photos of the dinner with my friend, as i was in a terrible rush and forgot my camera at home !
We went to a Sushi Restaurant for dinner and stopped by at Cha tea for dessert where we stayed for hours catching up on a years worth of conversation.

Top: Own Design
Skirt: Cotton On
Knit jumper: Dotti
Shoes: Girl xpress


up the bracket

Hooray for the weekend !
Could not be more happier to end this intense week. The weather has been at its worst recently with a down pour of continuous rain. However, I think it's the perfect excuse to stay in for the night, with a nice hot cup of tea and grapes to enjoy with a marathon of the series Misfits (recommended by my class mate/new friend Kerry !).

Singlet/Dress: Own design
Blazer: Verge


the man who sold the world

I had time today after class to drop by the shops and have a little browse around.
I came across a Nirvana shirt in the mens section at Big W and could not resist on buying it for only $15. It was just a simple tee with the bands logo in bright yellow font, and the smiley face was what got me sold !
Though I'm not the biggest Nirvana fan, however i have listened and respected their music style and coincidentally loved smells like teen spirit * (thought it was sweet child of mine whoops!!) ever since i heard it during a music class back in the days. I actually plan on destroying the shirt and converting it into an oversize singlet, since I don't normally wear t-shirts. I also got myself a pair of boots, as i needed new shoes without large heels to sew in for only $19. I managed to also squeeze in time for Spotlight (fabric store, also known as my heaven), and purchased velvet material in forest green, which will be made into a skirt and black fringing that I plan to place on a dress I've made ! More to show on my sewing projects ahead :)


hell is chrome

I've never imagined myself being overly exhausted everyday after returning home from college (and it's only been day 3 !)
There really isn't enough time in a day to get everything you need done.
Class today was a tough one ! We learnt how to use the "proper" industrial machines that are 10 times faster than domestic machines and a lot harder to get use too.
I'm not sure if i was the only one who struggled with speed and had to unpick my stitching 30 times, but i do blame the contribution of the thick heel in the doc martens i was wearing. It really didn't allow me to feel the treadle as much as i could hence why i kept sewing so fast, i think... Hopefully with a lot of help and practice I'll get use to it just in time for our first skirt assignment.

top: thrifted
shorts: Just Jeans
lace top: Paper Scissors


doughnut for a snowman

"Today will be the first day of the rest of your life"
This was quoted by the head co-coordinator of the Australian Institute of Creative Design, as i sat down for my first lesson this year.
We were made to do self introductions to a group of only 28 students, who all have the same dreams and ambitions that are all shared amongst each other. One of the teachers asked us, "Why do we want to do this course? and what do we want out of it?" For a long moment i sat there pondering on an honest answer I could give, but the truth is this has never crossed my mind. I've never thought about why i wanted to do Fashion, I've always done it. I've never thought about why i wanted to design, I've always done it. It has become something that i don't want but rather something I need. I need to do fashion and I need to design, as that's the only self expressive or freedom I have for myself. Yeah it may sound lame and cliche, and yeah there are a lot of designers out there with heartfelt stories of how they went from nothing to something. But in the end, Fashion and Design has become a huge part of my life and I cannot see myself departing from that.
I left today feeling more motivated than ever to fulfill my goals and dreams, through hard work, sweat, tears and pain. This year will be my year!!!

It would be obvious that I'm inspired by black and occasionally white.
I feel these two shades are the best all round colours for fashion, and are suitable for everyone to wear. The button up top was inspired by the block colour trend that has hit Australia recently. However, being a not so colourful person i decided to try white with black for a change.

Top: own design
Skirt: Cotton On
Rings: Diva & Forever new