anthem for the already defeated

With all the spare time I've been given from my mid-sem break, I've began designing and drawing inspiration to fashion again. My main concept of this particular collection I'm embarking on creating draws from the childhood memories of "the circus". Though sadly as a child i was not able to experience the circus nor even remotely attend to one. I've always had the imagination and thoughts of what a circus would be and feel like. In my young minded opinion i imagined the circus to be a place were odd and freaky things come together and showcase their skills and talents. I thought of it as a "freak show" as people defied the odds of gravity, human capacity and even themselves. I drew the inspiration of juxtaposing odd things on circus characters as i wanted to portray a collection that was "odd" and frivolous as the circus had seemed to me.

Some ideas of outfits I've drawn inspiration from Charlie Chaplin's "the circus" film that gave a vintage and edgy feel.