the district sleeps alone tonight

After coming across a blogger's page review about a certain clutch, i had found immediate love for it and have been wishing upon the day i was able to get my hands on one of them or something that is remotely close to it.

I am in absolute love for Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2010-2011 collection of clutches. The attentive details of having a clutch handle as a knuckle brass totally mind fucks me! It gives off such an edgy, vigorous and rebel feel as well as a 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' dynamic to it. I believe McQueen is a total genius in hes own rights in redefining the way clutches are held by implanting handles that are forcefully known as a weapon upon a clutch to create a different effect from the norm. If he was to be alive today he would have created so much more intriguing and innovative things that the world has yet to see.

The story goes like this, i was catching up with one of my close friends Lucy as we were long overdue for a good old hang out session. We bestowed upon a quest to shop for her sisters birthday in the hope to find her a costume. There was a new store open just above the 2nd floor of Indooroopilly were i stumbled across a replicated version of McQueens clutch. Every little detail that McQueen used has been also replicated onto this very clutch! Even though its not the real deal, i still broguht it as anything remotely close to it is still the same thing! And now it has become one of my favorite items! i must say i need to buy another one, doesn't hurt to have a spare right?

I brought it at a reasonable price as well, and it looks just like the real one.


girls on the dance floor

Thursday the 25th of November, i got the privelege to have a extravagant day out with my home girl Raina as we began our journey to chill at the Gold Coast.
Such a relaxing day to get out and about and adventure into our new found freedom, with no school or work to take worry about, it gave us the pleasure to relax and absorb life at its best.
The trip was by train and had taken us 2 hours to get there and back. Though if we had not missed our connecting trains we would have safely made it back under the 2 hour mark, but we can only run for the train at a certain speed and that the speed had seemed relatively slow.
The week we went down was also the week of schoolies, were all the graduates of 2010 come down to the Gold Coast and let loose after the daunting 12 years of schooling. We didnt stay for the whole week, as the party scene wasn't our thing but going for a day still classified us as being a part of schoolies (even if its was for less than 24 hours, we still experienced it).


what became of the likely lads

SO did i mention to anyone that im a full fledged adult now. 18, like seriously and utterly crazy. me .. 18 ? seriouslyyyyyy.

story of a thousand seasons past

ITS OVER! my whole life since i was born i have delved into the world of education, and after 12 years i have finally accomplished finishing my schooling years and now i am facing the real world.
No words can explain the excitement, the fears, the uncertainty and of course the future curiosity that i am feeling at the moment. It feels like a new found freedom, and with this freedom i shall start blogging on a regular basis, as i now have all the time in the world for adventures and D.I.Y projects i want to get on the way with. So please look forward to it my blogging friends.

Im going to miss many memories at school, such as the way it had brought out my creative side. Thanks to this school, i guess it brought out what i loved the most and that is to create and showcase. Through fashion and art it had shown me my abilities and capabilities as a young student that i am able to become what i truly desire and could be doing in the near future which is designing.

MY GIRLS ! truly going to miss these girls who have been there for me every single day of my schooling years. Since the first day i moved to this new high school, i have found a group that i was comfortable with, even though we had many silent moments it was a comfortable silent with these lovely ladies and i will still be seeing you in the future, as i want them to be apart of my life forever. I LOVE YOU GUYS!


cant nobody

Thangs 17th birthday. On the 11th of September, one of my use-to-be close friend Thang held a birthday party at hes house. It was rather a chilling party as i arrived relatively late to a crowd of drunken and loud masses of people. Like a party would have been like, there were dramas and problems though at the end of it all it was nice jsut to hangout with many school friends that i normally dont get a chance to be with. As a good girl i am, i strayed away from the path of getting smashed and ended up looking after the people whom have had a little to much and could not hold their liquior. At the end of the night, we all got kicked out early as the parents did not condemn our actions and partying methods and we were all stranded on the side of the road trying to hitch rides home. Gotta love teenage parties.

With the lovely Amy, it was also her birthday on the same day.

Would have been a lovely photo with Mylinh if i had been looking at the camera, netherless it was still a good photo.

marching bands of manhatten

So it seems like ive been on a haitus for a very long time, 2 months in fact. and in that two months of not connecting with my blog i have been up to a lot of adventures that i have built up and finally realise i have to share with my blogspot again. With many adventures i have encountered during the period of not blogging to my last holidays of my school year; i shall blog post them in seperate posts seeing as though they are all exceptionally special to me. so let the fat posts commence.


edge of darkness

11th of July; A night out with my woolworths workmates Lucy and Trung.
We went to a dessert restaurant down in the valley during the night, and let me tell you that that place is ah-ah-ah-amazingg. You have to know what youre getting though or else you may very well end up with a very sweet and shit dessert and waste money, like what my freind did. We were very hungry, so we all decided to order a meal to share and buy our own serves of desserts. Little did we know that the table we sat on did not accompany all our dishes and we had trouble fitting 5 plates of food for 3 people. It would have been smart for them to actually let us finish our pizza and chips before bringing out our desserts that had icecream on top ! We werent even half way through our meal when they unloaded our desserts, so of course we had to eat the dessert first. I ordered the spanish churros, thinking it was large, hot, thick and moist. I was completely wrong, it came out small and became cold very fast. They overloaded the sticks with so much cinnamon that it lterally just tasted like a ball of cinnamon candy. However, Lucy's jam donuts made up for my lose of churros as they where much more delicious ! We then headed off to watch toy story 3 that ended really late ! stupid previews, it went on for a good 30 minutes before starting the movie. and fyi, toy story is one of the most recommendable movie i must say and is going to be a huge hit for 2010 ! i loved itttt ...

I was actually wearing heels for the first time in a long time, trying to get a lot of practice so im use to them for the formal. the things i do for my partner.


the spill of a secret

Moulded him for the solely purpose of others in the unliklihood of selfishness, nor did it consider that thy may be meant for the one. How it is inevitable to admit the facts, that maybe thy is foolish to do so.

Besides the fact she has a criminal record, takes drugs, parties like an animal, hooks up with randoms, has alleged sex tapes, sucks at acting, ammature in singing, has emo and depressing moments you cannot deny the fact that shes hot as ! - Lindsay Lohan


after you fall asleep

Half way through the year and the holidays, it seems like this year isnt slowing down at all.
Currently on holidays and must i say it has been the most eventful one ive had had. I've been to the city 4 titmes this week for friends formal attires that had nothing to do with me. I have been working a couple of shifts aswell which have been rather interesting than boring, surprisingly. Taeyangs album has been released! and let me tell you its the bomb diggity... go check it out! Most of the songs are rnb and slow, netherless he has thrown in some upbeat beats and they are sick as, and the last bit of news from my holidays, i have finished my major project and i must say that i am very proud of it. After contemplating on whether or not i should or if i could even do it; i have designed and made my own formal gown! and its near to completion with only a zip to be sewn on. It has taken me days and countless hours to make it perfect and to the best of my sewing standards. I encountered many problems from it, but in the end i did not give it up as i wanted to prove that i was able to handle it! and i did just that. The garment is nothing special, very simple but me and im very proud to call it my very own one off piece. Will be posting up my progressions of the making the dress soon once everything is finalized and hopefully it doesnt at all fall apart on the night! and dont get all hyped over the dress, its really really plain and simple, its not very professional sewn but i dont care as long as i've got a dress right? ta ta.


love is bitter, pain is calling

A pile of fabric, curious?

ta-daaaaaaaaaa: formal dress?


the taste of ink

Are you ready for SOLAR? Taeyang is coming back with a full length album and i am estactic that he is finally releasing an album and promoting his sexy songs. The couple of previews to his album songs are mind blowing, they contian such nice and mellow rnb beats that makes you fall for him even more with his sexy voice. Though he may not be the tallest or have the biggest eyes, his charming smile and hot body makes up for it all. Damnn, i know i posted abit of him earlier in the year but this man doesnt get as much recognition as he needs and im here to do that. Cannot wait for his album and for his performances! Fingers cross he wins alot of awards and top many charts.

fight fire with fire

massive newsss! big projectcoming up. Dont wanna ruin the surprise, but something is in the makinggggg! keep ya'll posted.

short post. Started holidays! yay, finally time away from school. Will be having fun adventures and be blogging about them so read on.


in a world full of lies, left with a burdened soul

Who seriously doesn’t love harry potter? I have been such a harry potter fan since the very first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone came out, and I am delighted that the whole book collection are made into movies. Not only are the books an amazing read but the movies are quite extraordinary with all its high definition graphics and advanced filming techniques used in the movie itself. A few days ago while lounging around my home; I was watching an episode of Ellen DeGeneres where she was at the opening of the new Harry Potter theme park in America. I literally dropped dead and was screaming in amazement as she entered the theme park and paraded around the replicated set of Hogwarts. The whole theme park was the exact replica of Hogwarts, the Towns, the lolly/magic shop, the wand store and even the school; they even had a machine that produced beer butter! OMG i would love to try it, even though it sounds disgusting but it looks like butter scotched warm milk drink ... pretty yummo. They even had some characters dancing and prancing along the walkways like in the real movies. It was seriously the best thing I’ve seen in my life and im dead set excited to go in years to come. I love Harry Potter and I am definitely making a life goal to visit that theme park!
Another Harry Potter newsflash is the very last movie; the Deathly Hallows! It’s still in the works and is very well coming out real soon and im hella excited. Call me geek nerd loser or whatever but omg I love harry potter and i cannot wait for the last movie to come out. I do hope it isn’t as rushed as the last movie as they completely left out heaps of good bits and fast tracked into the movie way too quickly. The best one in my opinion is Goblet of fire as that was when they all matured and all the drama ‘have to kill Voldemort so let’s build an army force’ began happening. Enough with the Harry potter saga, finishing off right now with another little thing, Harry Potter totally owns twilight hands down, and no questions about it. I’m just sorry Edward but you got nothing on Dumbledore.


heaven is a place on earth

It seems like the misery of school work is over as exams have finally come to an end. Therefore posting will now be regularly than before. Lately nothing exciting has been happening except for all the talks about formal. The one day of the school year that most year 12's look forward to is their very own formal, but some how i do not feel any exciting urges for it. I would rather not go as i think its a waste of money and time. However, i have to go as i have been asked and agreed to it in sheer delightlness. Never knew that formal dress shopping would be this hard as of now i have less than 8 weeks to find one, im sure i will find the perfect one in time if i wasnt so lazy and got out there to look. I also met some crisis, as i have recently found out i have some scars on the back of my shoulders that arent very appealing. I need to find alternatives to get rid of them or else i shall not go formal. Its so distressing and bloody annoying to have these scars as i know it will be impossible to get rid of. any helppp ? as of now im trying a lot of creams and aloe vera treatment to help even up the scar colours to suit my own skin so hopefully it works or else im doomed. ON a side night leaving lovely pictures of me at my school social which was held.

L-R: Me, Tina, Hanh-An, Arianne, Hue & Dalena


sunset glow

On the 5th of June, Corinda State Highschool celebrated its 50th anniversary with an open day. During this period leading up to this eventful day, my fashion class had been busy designing, creating and sewing our very own wedding gowns to display at the 50th anniversary showcase. I was place into the group cosisting of Raina and Jose, might i add it was a pleasure working with them even though we did not meet eye to eye, coming up with a mermaid/fan inspired gown that was a success. The day started off with each models parading the gowns outdoors and walking around the school awing people. A stage was then provided for the desinger and gown to be paraded upon the stage itself which was such a highlight for people to witness our very own designs. This was a spectacular day and hopefully more works to come in the near future.

Flores-Ha-Naidu designs.


champagne from a paper cup

this post was meant to be sent on the day it happened though i did not have time to come around in posting it up.
happy birthday tyna my love, as she celebrated her life in this world of 17 years.
we went off to a luncheon at landmarks a place in sunnybank that serves yumcha food. it was lovely to share meals and chit chat amongs the table. we then proceeded to a pool place that had great music and atmosphere , though i do say that it was not my cup of tea as i do not like playing nor interacting in pool. then it was time to head off to the city were i found great jewelry bargains i could not resist and just had to buy as i am such an impluse buyer (mind you they were only $2 for a bunch)

Shoutout to tina and anna that are featured in the photos.

My clothing is a vintage marbled dye dress by harper, that i brought at a small boutique shop in god knows where for only $20! im addicted to its colour and the lightness of the dress.


the last unicorn

fashion teacher: do you do art?
me: yes
fashion teacher: then you should be able to draw the garment well
me: err, i do more of collages than drawing cause im not good at drawing
fashion teacher: *gives a wierd face (probably thinking, you do art so why cant you draw)
This was after my teacher had looked through my fashion folio to criticise my so called amateur sketches of my wedding dress design. She even had the decency to lay out everyone elses drawings to compare how bad my one is too theres.

seriously where does my fashion teacher get off, stereotyping what art is. that my friends has brought me to this conclusion that society is so fixated on the fact that artists are all good at drawing. WRONG ! not all artists can draw well and definitely i cannot draw well. if art was all about drawing objects and potraits well then wouldnt our earth be a lot less interesting with nothing unusual to look at or no admiration for those who rebell against the notion of art! seriously, everyone needs to relax and stop being such perfectionists in this modern age cause not eveyrone can draw like bloody picasso and van gough.


turn of the screw

I have not posted in may yet so i must.

Recently a trend that has caught my eye is using the technique of shredding, ripping and tearing into fabric to create a daggy, drapped holed look. It's actually appealing to the eye and creates a new dynamic to a garment, especially if you have holes in your garment you can turn it into a new look. not bad righttt (pun total failure)

Cheap Monday: Is a brand that has really included this type of technique in their garments and especially to their singlets, i wouldnt actually buy them as they cost more then my months wages but i do wanna make them myself. Simple and effective for a birthday gift i'd say.


The philosophy of Andy Warhol

consuming a substantial amount of caffiene, as thou shall not prevail into a slumber for thus homework requests to be fulfilled.


there are no holds barred, there is no love loss

Rapping (also known as emceeing, MCing, spitting (bars), or just rhyming) refers to "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics with a strong rhythmic accompaniment". The art form can be broken down into different components, as in the book How to Rap where it is separated into “content”, “flow” (rhythm and rhyme), and “delivery”. Rapping is distinct from spoken word poetry in that is it performed in time to the beat of the music.
and why am i giving people a definition of rapping? its cause rapping is a major component of music that people tend to over look and unappreciate the true qualitied skills rapping has to offer. must i say i am a huge fan of rap music and rappers for that matter. its all about the delivery of those words and the stage presence those words create when a rapper so called raps. some favourites has to be lil wayne, drake and lil crazed (im being biased cause his asian) maddest rappers out and very very distinct voices that draws you to them!!! check them out on youtube.
i want this forever - Drake feat. Lil wayne
Bedrock- Lil crazed feat a whole heap of others (very very talented !)


the dawn from dust

ever thought about what your putting into your mouth
when you eat at a fast food place,
well now you do.


walk down the aisle

well can i just say im the worst at updating blogs! seriously, its not like i dont have the time to blog but im just so forgetful and completely lazy. Though nothing exciting has happened on my holidays and my D.I.Y projects were complete failures i have manage to inspire and pick myself up and actually look for patterns to make my own clothes.
i wanna start off making some of my own shorts in different patterned cotton fabric, im sure its okay to have silk shorts so why not cotton right ? well if not then i really dont give a shit, and just make and wear them anyways cause i can.
Hopefully this week i get payed and be able to go to spotlight and by some fabrics i have in mind .
The truth is im a money saver and spending my own working money makes me cringe but now i shall put that aside and focus on living off my own money instead of the parents. and for once feel its okay to spend money without thinking of it as a waste or im doing something bad. seriously i have this close bond with my moeny that i jsut cant let it go, its a weird obssesive compulsive nature in me.

so stay tuned to my shorts and hopefully it works out ! andddd sad newssss: starting school tomorrow, so it means more stress coming my way and 10 weeks of living in hell. yayers to meeee.


oh sweet nothings

So my promise in blogging everyday during the holidays have failed miserably. i have been busy working hard on my 2 english assessments that have proven to be impossible to finish. With maths assignment to be done, i think im getting nowhere in school. Tomorrow i have to go into school to attend a fashion class in order to finish my wedding dress, life simply doesnt get any harder. On friday i have been invited to attend a party with over 100 people, so that shall be interesting and my sisters birthday is on saturday with the family bbq happening. Then i head back to miserable life in school for another 10weeks.

who wants these Jeremy Scott sneakers say i !



ocean avenue

A uni fashion student by the name of ... gotta find out her name. but her fashion creations are devine and extraodinary. her concept is visibly about space and the concept is of a sculptural diversity, it uses the colors of the reflective light off stars and the galaxies that enables an empowerment on the garment giving it a very terrestrial feel. i simply adore her collection, very out of this world.


the bird and the worm

Finally i have reached the end of term 1 with only the holidays to look forward too. Keeping post really short but i have some goals set for the holidays:

-design and create fashion outfits and D.I.Y
-buy my most needed things on my want list
-hopefully get more working hours to pay for my expensive lifestyle
-sleep in moreeeeee.
Shall keep the posting up on the holidays as casual as i can be.


the night that never ends

As i start wishing for the weather to become cooler and winter to come faster. i've started to put together my autumn/winter wish list, that i hopefully can achieve.

I want these boots, so edgy and rebellious. its so fetish.

Jeromy Scotts creates dellusional outfits, and these jackets are devine. The special details and craftmanship really shows upon the garment.

I wanna D.I.Y this blouse and use this concept. I like the idea of using a photographic image as a fabric print for the blouse. Hopefully i can achieve in making a girl version.

Stay tune to my D.I.Y projects.