the king of carrot flower

A day out with one of my good friends Duy Le to savor up our last going out days before uni starts. We had lunch at a korean restaurant and then made our way to GOMA which recently re-opened due to the flooding in Brisbane. It was showcasing the 21st century artworks that depicted the artists interpretation of their surrounding societies and perceptions within different countries. The one thing i love about GOMA is always the interactive artworks it displays, that allows all ages to play and indulge themselves in the art itself even if they're not creative or so. One of the best art display and installation has to be the Lego, as it allowed everyone to participate in creating a Lego city and calling it art. We wandered around after spending hours playing with Lego and was in awe with the amount of artworks that were amazingly presented.


the calm before the bitch

So chilled, just a casual meet up day with the girls.
Met for lunch and a brief shopping trip in the city where i was delighted with sales of books, stationary and the most awesome wedges ever found (it's another one to add to my shoe collection)!
jacket: thrifted
top: valley girl
shorts: jeans west
wedges: boutique


submarines of stockholm

Recently I've had the urge to make a maxi skirt to add to my wardrobe. I wanted a plain and simple black maxi that featured an elastic waist band to go with my other clothing. I had brought a chiffon fabric that had a mix of polyester fibers in it to accomplish this maxi skirt.
This maxi skirt was more of a trial and test kind of project; with many cut corners, unfinished hems, no overlocking, and major alterations after the finished product, that it turned out better than expected.
I firstly measured my waist and doubled it to give for gathering. With my measurement i halved it to draft upon my fabric that was folded in half. I had then angled my measuring tape to about 60 degrees outright to get my length. It was a quick job of sewing both front and back together and attaching it onto the elastic band to give me the rough end product. From there i tried it on multiple times and adjusting it myself with pins. I ended up taking in way more width on the skirt and hemming up the length as it was really long and big.
The end results were really surprising as it had turned out looking better than i first thought after all that nip tucking. I actually wore it out the next day to a friends birthday party and was glad to see how strong it had held up with its dodgy stitches. I'm positive ill be making more in different kinds of patterns and fabric to wear to uni, as its a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many ways through many seasons.

End product (Excuse the bad photo, it was taken at night under fake light)


two door cinema club

My siblings.
We've actually grown up quite a lot from this old image. Missing those times when we had family bonding sessions and outings, like a trip to go fishing all day. These days we're so busy with our own lives that we never get a chance to hang out together anymore. Wish time could go alittle slower in order for us to stop growing up faster, then i wouldn't be complaining about the lack of sibling relationship we have going on in the family. Nevertheless i still love them.


if i had a world of my own

One of my art creations in high school. A young minded narration of Alice in Wonderland using shadows. I seem to have lost my touch in being artistic as soon as i had graduated from school, oh how the mind seems to forget and become useless after wards.


save it for the rainy day

My new babies to my collection. They are so comfy, neutral with outfits and low on the wedge. I've been seeing lots of shoes and heels that i want around but I'm unsure if i should buy them since i have a haul of unworn shoes already. I though however need shoes for uni and it wouldn't hurt to purchase them since they are comfy and good to wear during long hours which uni has set for me.

Shoes I'm keen on buying :


consolers of the lonely

I found this chiffon dress on the ASOS website and was obsessed over the sleeves!
i wanted to wear one just like it to a night out i was attending though no shops had the dress with chiffon sleeve, so what better way of having one is only to design and make one.

I only had 1 day to do it all in as i had left it to the last minute and only had scraps of materials in my fabric basket to work with. I had to used a babydoll template and cut it out of a cotton jersey panama fabric, i also added shape to the side and darts at the back. The sleeves were constructed out of a blouse shirt sleeve as i wanted it long not short and gathered using elastic. It was a dodgy job of a dress but nevertheless wearable. The only problem i thought afterward was the bottom could have been more fitted, i could have sewed the hem straighter and should have ironed it. But it turned out to be such a good last minute outfit and i'm proud to claim it as my own.


june on the west coast

Happy Chinese New Year
Wishing nothing but good health and prosperity for the new year.


existentialism on prom night

Spent the day out with one of my close friends Duy. We had decided way back that we needed to go eat out at yumcha after postponing it several times, we actually got to dine into Kings of King yumcha restuarnt in the valley today. The service at the place was a tad terrible but the food makes up for it.

After yumcha we decided to go explore and shop around the valley as it was one of those places we've never really gotten to know. The weather was mighty hot and humid which required us to buy about a gazillion liters of fluid to keep us hydrated and on the go. We stumble on some vintage shops where i brought myself a little vintage leather bag and Duy scored himself some shorts at such good price.
In the corner of one of the street was a little Institute of Modern Art, and me being an art fanatic immediately went to check it out. It showcased very explicit photographs of people which were very interesting all the while weird at the same time. It was much smaller than the other galleries which we didn't get to visit as they were closed. We hung around the gallery and embraced the air conditioning as it was much better than battling the heat outside.

We ended up going back to the city and wandered around the food markets. We came across refreshments of sugar cane drinks which made up for the unavailability of lemon lime bitter Slurpee which could not be found.

We decided to walk to south bank with our drinks and just chill across the lawn as it began to become dark just to enjoy the breeze and relax from the full adventure day we had had.
It's really nice to just sit down, relax and talk about everything whilst in the company of such a good friend.


blacking out the friction

I must admit I'm in love with Alexander Wang! He's collections by far since he's young debut has been outstanding as well as beyond unique. You can see he's put a lot of he's youth experience and inpsiration into he's creations as it portrays such young generation themes like freshman, college, football, high School within them. I love the way he's clothes for women are simple yet verstile as it can be dressed up or down, for an outing or even casually. The S/S 2010 collection is by far my favorite works from the man himself. I love the youthful yet slightly vintage feel he added to this collection. The garment that is made out of knit and features holes through it, is my favorite garment which i really wanna get my hands on! I love the way it sits so effortlessly on the body and how unusual it looks with its horizontal bars and vertical holes. He really did a top job with he's 2010 women wear as he's collection for 2011 was a little disappointing as it had seemed to be so uninspiring and dull. Nevertheless, he's such an amazing young designer whom i hope will persevere through this hard industry.