soul meets body

I have a handful of the most amazing and talented groups of friends there is, not only are they intellectually smart but also are creative geniuses. Out of all of them the one that stands out the most has to be Jose Flores. He is the most talented, creative, innovative and adorable person one has to meet. He's talent for animation and graphics are of those of a higher level than average. The way he maneuvers a computer mouse to create such master pieces and art work illustrations upon a computer is simply amazing! He's use of flow and edge through hand techniques simply defines himself from the norm. He's truly unique in what he does and follows what he truly believes in and that is of the higher power. Though we had agreed to enter into uni together to do the same course and follow the same path and dream, this year i will be doing the creative industries course alone as Jose will begin a year after. Though in the end we're going to achieve the same goal together.

A sneak peak into hes folio of work for hes course submission.


they perch on their stilts and dare me to break custom

Amazing craftsmanship upon a garment, truly inspiring.
Such extraordinary technique and construction put forth in creating a new dynamic of sleeves consisting of an animal figure.

Bolero Horse Jacket

Designer: Martin Lamothe (Spain)

Nude cuir in leather fitted bolero short jacket, with horse sculptured short sleeves (A horse in each one, both hand crafted). The short jacket is collarless, with double front magnetic fastening for a clean look. The only decoration are the sculptured sleeves, leaving the horse head all the protagonism as seen on the detail. Colours Available: Nude cuir and Black cuir. Please state your preferences by using the Comment box during Checkout. Every piece made by order, please allow up to three weeks for delivery.


Handcrafted in Spain, this one-of-a-kind garment is from my 'Paris Texas' collection for Fall/Winter 2010.


death kult social club

A little picnic on the meadow filled with appetizing food to satisfy our long awaited catch up session down by the botanical gardens with Raina and Vanessa. I haven't seen these two ladies since last year so we had decided to be a little pommy and have a picnic date today. It was to not only catch up on life but also to embrace the beautiful weather mother nature has brought upon us (which was very hot and humid!).

Just the simple leisure in life enjoying a peach tea refreshment in a wine cup whilst consuming sour dough bread, Swiss cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes!

The botanical garden is such a beautiful and peaceful place to just go and relax with friends or even by yourself. It has such an amazing scenery and plants that are truly breathtaking and admirable in nature itself. We walked around every part of the place as possible just reading and sniffing plants that had appealed to our senses. This place would definitely be on the list to go back and experience again, as not only was it a place for plants and gardens but it also contained a planetarium that i was extremely excited about. Although i have to come back again to see it as i didn't have enough time today!


murder at the stiletto formal

my new addition to my collection of shoes.
I'm not much of a fan for heels, but i am absolutely into wedges! I've always wanted a pair of wedges but there was none that suited my style. I've been looking for wedges i could casually go out in for any occasion not being a formal event. It had to be black, with little embellishment, simple design, with lace at the front, and had to be vinyl. This particular pair i picked up at Dotti for a margin of its price, and it really satisfied my check list for purchasing wedges. The heels weren't very high, it didn't have any embellishment, it was black and a vinyl fabric that really drew me to the pair. I, of course immediately brought it as these additions would be a good pick me up shoe for on the go. However, i'm still in the search of higher wedges especially for many night outs and events coming up.


drop kick the punks

A trip down to the coast with Lucy and Trung, to visit the infamous chocolate restaurant Max Brenner while embracing such beautiful weather. The restaurant has everything chocolate from the menu to the interior that makes you kind of feel like a kid entering into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I however must say that it did not meet up to its hype, maybe because im not such of a chocolate fan but the meal was very ordinary and too rich in chocolate. It didn't have anything that was unique or different. I had the trutti frutti which consisted of a waffle with drizzled choclate on top featuring banna, strawberry and vanilla ice cream on the side. It was very filling, but it did not satisfy my taste buds. Overall, i wouldn't personally go back as i know there are better dessert restaurants that would totally kick its butt.
p.s This event happened a week ago, but i just finally received photos for it. ta ha!

Its moments like this you just wanna take a step back and pause time for awhile, just to embrace it momentarily as life seems to be running away from us too fast.


the good that wont come out

Don't you just love it when friends go overseas and come back bearing gifts?
Recently i had caught up with one of my work mates who took a trip overseas to asialand. We and also my dear friend Lucy went out for dinner at a Korean cuisine restaurant called Maru ( they make the best rice cakes ever! ) where he had surprised us by presenting both of us with a faux Chanel bag in black and white. I, of course had dibs on the black one since white color products does not appeal to me as a) they get dirty too easily, b) is too bright of a color and c) does not match anything in my wardrobe.

The faux Chanel is a side bag, small in height but wide in width and is very sufficient in holding the many things a girl needs to carry with its many pockets and secret sides. It's of a black vinyl fabric quilted together to give the replicated Chanel trademark look.
Usually with products over in Asia the quality and style of replicated bags are not so well done and looks like a terrible rip-off of the product, however once i opened this bag and inspected it for myself, i was blown away by the features it had on the bag. The bag had 2 flaps, one being the overall fold on top of the bag and the other being a flap that covered the inside more. There where also a pocket behind the bag and also a small compartment behind the second flap, that hid secretly. Opening the second flap reveals the main inside where its divided into 2 sections and feature other small pockets for little things. I was overly happy with the bag and how organized it had look, the way it featured many pockets and the interior was divine to ones eye. I was also pleased with the chain as the length was relatively long and it was thick. Overall, i love this bag in more ways than one; though i still have to test out its strength and mobility due to it being made over in Asia but so far my impressions are good.

Another thing about the interior i must mention is it was RED! everything else is black then when you open it up the array of the luscious and luminous color of red radiates out of the bag and demands you to wear it. oh how i love the contrast between black and red!


hello, let me introduce to you 2011

Started the new years off with a little get together at my place on new years eve. A toast to the new year with alcohol beverages kicked off our funky and unforgettable night, with many situations during the evening being 'whatever happens at helen's house, stays at helen's house'.
happy new year lovers and friends.