sunset glow

oh dear i haven't posted for 4 days. Well to bring all those who actually read this, i have been busy doing assignments and working. I dont have anything to include in this post but just a wish me luck as i settle done in my pile of work.


talk you down

Had a mid life crisis yesterday night that resulted in a very very late night. I had to stay up thinking of how to create my art assignment which was due at the end of the week, and i did not have any idea of what i was too do. In the end with a restless night i manage to scrape something up, and hopefully its a pass. ( photo coming soon)
My art work represents my story, in the style of alice in wonderland. Instead of using alice's imagination into wonderland , i have replaced hers with my imagination. Manipulating the story to fit it to my own story.

" If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? " - Alice in Wonderland

A must check out site for clothing. They have the meanest and most outrageous clothings. Its so appealing and unique. I like the way the jewelry are in quirky and sophisticated designs. The clothing is so street style and coulture.


lost in translation

where does time go ...
i've been procasinating a lot lately, and no productive work has been done. So far i have my home economics, science, fashion and soon art on the go at the same time. However, none has been finished. If only life was easier.

Must watch : man vs wild.

It is totally insane, yet genious.


the man who cant be moved

I want to get my hands on one of these sunnies, but the price is at $200! My face figure has made it difficult to buy the right fitting, i so far have 2 pairs of sunglasses, yet they both dont satisfy my likings. I did have a thing for those ray bans, but looking back at it now, i dont really fancy them as so many people have opted to buy them. The thing is if you see it one everyone way to many times, its jsut a turn off.

I was watching a video clip of 2ne1's i dont care mv, and noticed a pair of sunglasses CL wore in it, that made me go giddy. I love these sunnies, kind of reminds me of the scene in charlie and the chocolate factory where they had to wear white glasses to protect their eyes in the white room. I gotta get myself one of the replicated.


running through the monsoon

Just a short post, currently i have been hit with a shit load of work and assignments. so in order to finish them i have subjected myself to turn away from the computer this weekend to work on them. If im not heard of, its cause im cooped up in my room studying. cant believe its already the end of another week, time sure does fly past pretty fast.
Gonna work on some smaller projects in the long run, styling my good friends for their formal which might turn out to be fun.
And im loving this cold weather at the moment, i think autumn is coming in the right way. nice and cool is the best way to dress in !!! love it.


consolation prize

The Fall 2009 collection from Chloe.
Love the colour co-ordination, that inspires a very modern/classy sheek look.


pretty handsomely awkward

Attended an art excursion today for visual art class. We went to visit the art museum of GOMA displaying apt6 artworks in southbank. The whole purpose of this visit was to select 3 artworks to use in my assignment, however it was more enjoyed as a free time with mates running around and acting like idiots. The day started off so early, leaving school on a hot bus at 8:30am. We arrived at 10am and had time to walk around the art centre by ourselves. In awe, i was amazed with the highly constructed artworks that were displayed so beautifully. Every room, every wall in the art centre had displays of artworks showcasing ranges of story telling and narratives, sculptural and film pieces. We walked around for hours taking photos and just interacting with the artwork that allowed us to participate in. There were many unique, different, outrageous, amazing and out of the world artworks, that really made me appreciate art so much more, as the time and effort artists have put in to create such artworks for people like me to enjoy is very gracious. The day than began to get gloomy and rained on us while we were eating at a cafe located next to the art centre. We ended the day with another trip around the art centre, just so everyone had gotten enough information. We all met back at the art centres gift shop , where it was optional to purchase. Later, we all got loaded onto the bus to end our art trip. In the end it was very enjoyable to view such fine works of art, it really did inspire me to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to art; as art really isn't about the traditional techniques in the works, rather it's more so on the new evolution in creating another dimensional artworks people can view with curiosity.


one of those nights

It's hard to believe that i've already been at school for 5 weeks, already half way through the term and school hasn't been getting any better. The weather also doesn't help, it reached to the point where even fanning yourself was not even a capable task as it was too hot to even move. Luckily me and my friend vinh found a room that contained an aircon and lazed in there for the whole lunch. Speaking of school, i have so many assessments and work to be done:
- Home economics assignment
- Multi-strand assignment
- English novel
- Fashion folio
- Art assignment
and this is only the start. I don't even know where to begin with these assignments where its getting to the point of fustration. If only school was abit easier for those who are incapable of thinking too hard then it shall be a success.

A movie to look out for this coming season is none other than Alice in Wonderland.

The make-up, costume and visual effects has defined the true art of film production. Not only is the storyline of Alice in Wonderland a fantastic fairytale, but also the portrail of the characters in the movie really captures an audiences attention.


the end where i begin

Happy Chinese New Years
Chuc Mung Nam Moi


Happy Valentines Day
Today is the day in celebration of a new year in the asian calender and also the day for love. It started this morning with a big family feast, where mother slaved away in the kitchen preparing such asian cuisines. In much delight as we munched down on the food we were given li xi, which is a red envelope consisting of money a way to wish goodluck in the year. Then there was valentines day, nothing much was done except a whole lot of kisses as a kind gesture on this love day, even though single and lonely i wasn't deprived of the celebration, many thanks to freinds for purchasing me roses as a kind gesture in saying " even though your a lonely bitch, who hasn't found love. I still love you ".

Taeyang - young dongbae
This man needs no introduction, his sexiness says it all. He's a singer from the boyband Big Bang and is currently doing his solo activties. Best known for his rnb voice and songs such as where u at and wedding dress, he has made it into various charts topping number 1.
I love Taeyang period .


love like a sunset

Lately i've been listening to alot of indie rock and punk songs. It's not like i'm sad or emotionally challenge, it's just that i love the way the instruments sounds when i blast up the music in my ear. I'm certainly a fan of all music genres, from the rnb to the non-english, so many diversity in music its really hard to keep up with the lastest.
heres my lastest soundtracks that i have on my playlist:
i want this forever - Drake feat. Lil wayne
Bedrock - Lloyd feat Lil wayne
knockout - Lil wayne feat. nicki minaj
vegas skies - the cab
this city is contagious - the cab
pursuit of happiness - kid cudi
day and night - kid cudi
fences - pheonix
foolin around - usher
sooner or later - N.E.R.D
I have the deepest love for Lil wayne, i love his ghetto style and his music. His so different and unusual looking that it appeals to my liking, i know it may be wierd that his so whack yet i like that about him .

definitive breaks

My Jacket fetish .

Most of my freinds know that i have the biggest love for jackets. Even though i live in a country where winter is never seen and the weather is always hot as smoke, i seem to have collected over more jackets than dresses instead. I dont know why they appeal to me so much, but i just love the texture in different jacket styles and the way they just sit on your shoulders so comfortably. So many styles and ranges it comes in and possibly everyone looks good in them, so i guess that is why i love them so much. Most recently i have came across a jacket designer who has caught my attention, Balmain creates the most astonishing and daring jackets alive, the way the jacket sits on an angle makes it or the more appealing to ones eye.

Love the military inspired look, and the color and sequins contrasting effect. Might i add that shoulders pads are soooo in now ! Gotta love the large over-bearing shoulder pads, that just stands out in any crowd.

One of my favourite jackets out of my collection has to be my black and grey fading effect jacket . This one caught my attention straight away not only by the colour but the price, it was $50 slashed down to only $30 at a little boutique store in elizabeth arcade, and i just had to have it. It's light to wear and the coloring texture is amazingly catchy, and goes with basic clothing. It also has small shoulder pads that absolutely makes it comfortable on the shoulders, like a little pillow to rest my head if ever tired.

whisper something fragile

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2009

I know this post is too late to post but i was rummaging through my old photos and came across these fashion week photos i took, and thought to myself that i have to post it. A very big thing that is apart of my life is fashion, from the trends to the fads. I aspire to be a designer in many areas, yet fashion is going to always be one that i shall always dream of. The fashion show was one of my first show i have been too, i was accompanied by my darling friend Vanessa. The show went for about an hour and a half and displayed the most inspiring and unique clothing from such talented young designers.

My favourite for the night has to be Dogstar, it showcased a range of grunge and urban street wear which i for one is accustomed to wearing. The way Dogstars designer has contrasted the dark colors such as the blacks and greys in the clothing gave off such an edgy yet feminine look, which i loved.


vegas skies

yoon eun hye
Wouldn't really consider her my ultimate idol, but she is one of the most successful asian female in the business and film industry today. Love calls for her in every direction, and is the centre of envy in most women's eyes.
Love the black and white photography, giving out such a grunge and chilled feeling when you look upon these.

this city is contagious


Yes i must admit, i'm rather a lazy blogger and much of a slacker when it comes to sticking with anything. So this fat blog shall be called the 'catch up' , as it shall explain indepthly into what has happened during the last 2 months, which is December and January.
December :
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas
-New Years eve

December was an eventful month as not only was i in the midst of holiday mode, but there was much celebrating to be held in great joy. Christmas in my family consisted of the usual burnch with the whole gang, this year was not much different. We all over slept as usual on Christmas Day, and as we all approached the hour of gathering, the guest came late and the turkey was overcooked. But hey it wouldn't be Christmas if these little things don't mess up right ? Cause at the end of the day it's not about the goodness of presents or the delicacy of the foods, but rather the family quality time that is spent together , which is the most imnportnat part of Christmas. Mind you presents should also be important too.
As December came to an end the New year was creeping up, i had promised myself to spend the new years alone in my room watching the fireworks on my tv, but i had begged to differ. I ended up with freinds over my house and getting smashed, walking out of my house, getting yelled by the police, and dancing on the roads. It was such a lovely way to spend the new year with the besties and a night to never be forgotton .
January :
- New Year
-Senior 2010
- Starting school

2010, yes its rather scary to think that it's already a new year. It felt like time has crept away and that aging has become the biggest realisation in life as i start my senior year. This year is my last year of highschool, yes year 12 then i am a free women , with my own choices in life. My top piorities will definitely be about studying as much as i can, but my mind can't shift from the fact that i will not have a social life when i start it. This year is it, i can't look back , only looking forward cause this is the first step im taking into my future.