champagne from a paper cup

this post was meant to be sent on the day it happened though i did not have time to come around in posting it up.
happy birthday tyna my love, as she celebrated her life in this world of 17 years.
we went off to a luncheon at landmarks a place in sunnybank that serves yumcha food. it was lovely to share meals and chit chat amongs the table. we then proceeded to a pool place that had great music and atmosphere , though i do say that it was not my cup of tea as i do not like playing nor interacting in pool. then it was time to head off to the city were i found great jewelry bargains i could not resist and just had to buy as i am such an impluse buyer (mind you they were only $2 for a bunch)

Shoutout to tina and anna that are featured in the photos.

My clothing is a vintage marbled dye dress by harper, that i brought at a small boutique shop in god knows where for only $20! im addicted to its colour and the lightness of the dress.


the last unicorn

fashion teacher: do you do art?
me: yes
fashion teacher: then you should be able to draw the garment well
me: err, i do more of collages than drawing cause im not good at drawing
fashion teacher: *gives a wierd face (probably thinking, you do art so why cant you draw)
This was after my teacher had looked through my fashion folio to criticise my so called amateur sketches of my wedding dress design. She even had the decency to lay out everyone elses drawings to compare how bad my one is too theres.

seriously where does my fashion teacher get off, stereotyping what art is. that my friends has brought me to this conclusion that society is so fixated on the fact that artists are all good at drawing. WRONG ! not all artists can draw well and definitely i cannot draw well. if art was all about drawing objects and potraits well then wouldnt our earth be a lot less interesting with nothing unusual to look at or no admiration for those who rebell against the notion of art! seriously, everyone needs to relax and stop being such perfectionists in this modern age cause not eveyrone can draw like bloody picasso and van gough.


turn of the screw

I have not posted in may yet so i must.

Recently a trend that has caught my eye is using the technique of shredding, ripping and tearing into fabric to create a daggy, drapped holed look. It's actually appealing to the eye and creates a new dynamic to a garment, especially if you have holes in your garment you can turn it into a new look. not bad righttt (pun total failure)

Cheap Monday: Is a brand that has really included this type of technique in their garments and especially to their singlets, i wouldnt actually buy them as they cost more then my months wages but i do wanna make them myself. Simple and effective for a birthday gift i'd say.