ocean avenue

A uni fashion student by the name of ... gotta find out her name. but her fashion creations are devine and extraodinary. her concept is visibly about space and the concept is of a sculptural diversity, it uses the colors of the reflective light off stars and the galaxies that enables an empowerment on the garment giving it a very terrestrial feel. i simply adore her collection, very out of this world.


the bird and the worm

Finally i have reached the end of term 1 with only the holidays to look forward too. Keeping post really short but i have some goals set for the holidays:

-design and create fashion outfits and D.I.Y
-buy my most needed things on my want list
-hopefully get more working hours to pay for my expensive lifestyle
-sleep in moreeeeee.
Shall keep the posting up on the holidays as casual as i can be.


the night that never ends

As i start wishing for the weather to become cooler and winter to come faster. i've started to put together my autumn/winter wish list, that i hopefully can achieve.

I want these boots, so edgy and rebellious. its so fetish.

Jeromy Scotts creates dellusional outfits, and these jackets are devine. The special details and craftmanship really shows upon the garment.

I wanna D.I.Y this blouse and use this concept. I like the idea of using a photographic image as a fabric print for the blouse. Hopefully i can achieve in making a girl version.

Stay tune to my D.I.Y projects.

once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger

Lady Gaga, some may hate her and some may love her. At the end of the day she is the most well known singer of our generation. From her outrageous behaviour and quotes, to her innovative clothing she has set a standard of rebelling against societies image stereotyping class.
Her music is well written and her statement on political issues are right on, to me she should be class as an inspiration. She has shown ways of rebelling against the notion of following trends and allowing everyone to be able to express themselves in their own way.

Check out her latest mv - Telephone feat. Beyonce
It really is an eye-opener and something out of this world.


this heart attack

FISHING. Yes, im a fan of fishing. The family on saturday headed down to Coollangatta near the border of QLD and NSW, on the coastal area where theres a pier for fishing and a beach next to it. The day was sunny with heavy wind, like literally heavy wind that blew my hair out of place on my head. I caught over 50 small fishes ( yes im not even kidding ), which was a big achievement. We woke up about 8 and got onto the road at about 9, it takes about 1.5 hours to get there and in that time the use of my ipod was greatly needed. When we got there we realise there was a surfing competition going on, so we did not end up going for a swim at the beach at all which was rather a bummer. Spent the whole time fishing, and did not realise how fast time goes by. We finished up at about 4 and headed home cause i was feeling really sore and tired from holding and reeling all day long, as soon as we got into the car my head jsut feel straight to sleep. Although i caught those fishes i dont eat fish often so its all for my siblings.

On a side note: i finished off all assignments and exams so im stress free. parties are coming up and outtings are a must have now. ive learnt this week that i need my friends around me, even though i act like i dont need them i soon realised they mean so much more to me now as they did before. im really greatful for having such wise and competant people around me to push me to my limits. Oh, and ive begin driving! finally i ahve hit the road feeling confident as ever and hopefully clock up 1 hour everyday to get my hours to get my P's. this is another mission in life for me.


victim of the crime

I'm a fashion genius, not exactly, but i brought a pair of billie jeans shoes (something looking along the lines of bowling shoes) but sadly it only came in white. However, i could not pass up on a good price deal so i brought it anyways. It was too white for all my outfits so it had me thinking why dont i paint parts black to minimise the tension of white. and so my project was to turn a white pair of shoes into a new pair !

i used black acrylic paint for the front and the back of the shoes, and it turned out exactly how i wanted. oddly enough it suits winter clothing !

buried myself alive

while tidying up my room i came across my collection of jewelry that has brought something to my attention. im an impulse buyer !!! I have spent over 100 dollars on jewelry that i seem to only wear once and then leave it aside to build up dust. Jewelry is an essential item for me, and i must wear it with every outfit and everytime i go out in order to not feel so naked. even if its a short trip to the markets i have to have at least something on my wrists. But now i realise i should really cut down on my spendage with it cause its counting up to be alot, but then again i find the cheapest and most coolest jewerly all the time, so why shouldnt i, right?

Beaded bracelets: some are hand made by me and the rest are brought from op shops.


Overly sized earrings

A new addition to my collection a necklace


try to follow me

Trouble here and trouble there, seems to be a never ending cycle of dramas. Have society really become so heartless, that people are beginning to become relentless of the rights and wrongs of things. Today must be the most horrible day of my life so far, not only was i away from a near death expereince, from a bottle falling above me but i have uncovered some information that has broken me deeply. its unforgiveable and definitely unforgetable. Thinking you knew a person well enough, but all they did was consider you nothing more, how thoughtless and shameful.
ill i wouldnt mind losing some more weight as time progresses. thats a mission from now on!

And assignments are all done! so bloody happy. Now i have to stress about maths exams in the coming weeks.


misery loves it's company

HELLO AUTUMN! finally the cold weather has arrived and with all the rain that comes along with it. This season is the best season for fashion, yes finally my long awaited jackets and jeans can be taken out and worn ! they shall see the light of day once again. Today mother and i went to dfo to do abit of shopping. Unfortunately i did not buy anything, as everything seemed to be out of season now and plus all the specials were on summer clothing. I did however find the closes pair of the sunglasses i wanted for so long, but they had a leopard print around the rim so i was abit hesistant to buy it since im not a big fan of leopard prints. Sitting here thinking about them now, i sorta really want them, might go back next week and if its still there ill buy it !

Room is quite messy, you must forgive me as we are going through a re-renovating period at the moment, in less then an hour my room will be painted new and improved! My parents are on some high, cause they decide to re-paint the whole house and re-do our kitchen and bathroom installing new features! our house looks wicked now, but abit scary with all the white colouring going on.


walking with a ghost

pimple break outs are so devastating ! i have a shitload of pimples growing on my forehead and it seems to be esculating. I'm in need of another facial, waiting on my fresh supply of white masks facials from hongkong which is rather exciting.

Today it had occurred to me when my friend brought the topic up, that i rather have a non-existant social life. I do go out here and there, for special occassions but i however do not socialise as a whole. I dont have facebook, i dont have bebo, i dont have myspace. without having these sites im practically a social outcast right? However i beg to differ, i rather not have these sites that proclaims to be taking over peoples lives. it had arised to my understanding that its not because of the social networking sites that makes me non-socialable but rather the people im around. they claim i dont socialise but how am i meant to if they dont offer themselves the oppurtunity to socialise with me, it actually takes 2 to start a conversation and a hangout. so i guess i really need to know who my real freinds are before i head out again, cause if they are only calling me out for the sake of pity then i dont need them, i have better things to do than what they realise.

and on a rather lighter note: need a total wardrobe change, might start collecting bits and pieces. and need to loose my hips asap! if only it was that easy, realised they look to wide for nice high waisted shorts.


one too many times

My days have been slowly dwindling, so much stress and anger built inside i just wanna explode. i have however accomplished in completing 2 out of my 4 assignments which was the plan from the start. This week has been raining non-stop which feels rather refreashing for once, no more of the sweating and fanning in class.

I'm one of many prefects in my year level, and this week we recieved our blazers. and yes everybody knows my obsession with jackets so this was much joy for me. We had to rent them out for the year but i seriously wanna keep them forever, without having to pay the hefty fine. The is green with a school logo on the side pocket, and it also conatins shoulder pads! yes shoulder pads are sooo in nowww , as the cold approaches the new clothings come rushing in.

cant wait to go shopping this saturday, going to have a spreeeeeee .