last smoke before the snowstorm

This post was meant for yesterday, but i was too tired to post it late last night and without any photo evidence. I was honored to attend one of my best high school friend that i haven't seen for ages in a ceremony to celebrate her 18th birthday. Me along with many other girls (some i knew and some i didn't) had a very chilled night sitting in the lounge room catching up on life after high school while the music blasted in the background. We also had a couple of cocktails/punch to liven up the atmosphere as well as snacks to fulfill our stomachs desire. Though the night ended early for me as i had work the very next morning, it was very memorable and enjoyable to not only celebrate my friends birthday but also catch up with people who i don't get to see often.


save it for a rainy day

Been having so many inspirational ideas that i cannot stop myself from whipping them up straight away. I've been newly introduced to Photoshop, as a new form of collage tool for my mood-boards and ever since then i've been using it like crazy. Usually im not much of a technology savvy kind of girl. I tend to do things on paper by printing pictures then juxtaposing them together to form a mood-board, but recently i've been using Photoshop instead and im amazed by how im able to manipulate photos so easily.


yardwork in november

Recently, Ive been busy brainstorming up design concepts and mood-boards for a folio of work I'm putting together. There really wasn't any thought given into the mood-boards as i felt that it should be things that are visually appealing to me and that has a sense of belonging with each other. I then threw all of the photos together using Photoshop (which took me ages to figure out how to find all the the tools and manage their powerful techniques, with the help of Google of course,) then with a touch of helen magic, wallah behold mood-boards!


returning to the fold

I recently caught up with my girlfriends down at the Gold Coast. We had decided to spend our last ounce of holiday free time together before we all headed back to studying again.
The morning weather was way worst after leaving the house. I had worn a skirt without any stockings and was freezing to death as i waited at the train stop for my late friends.
The trip to Surfers Paradise took at least 2 hours and it had tired us out even before we got to the beach. We had lunch at Nando's, one of my favorite fast food restaurants as I'm completely in love with chilli food and Nando's does the job to satisfy that hunger!
A day out with girls is never complete with a round of shopping! We spent half the day just sourcing out bargains and trying on clothes that we ended up going to the beach later in the afternoon when it was freezing cold! We couldn't stand the windy weather so we decided to head back home after a long exhausting day of shopping and eating.


What i wore:
Shirt: plain black top (old, so im unsure of where i purchased it)
Skirt: Black velvet stretched a-line (my own design)
Cardigan: Orange knitted ( chic-a-booti)
Boots: rebel london
Sunglasses: vintage (very old!!!)