the war on drugs come to the city

A little bit of doodling and scribbling around some ideas and designs. Using the concept of mixing the past with the present through a futuristic space concept while maintaining old style fashion basics.


a man under the influence

It has been the longest weekend I've ever had in my life! There was no breaks in between except for work. Tonight was also a special occasion as it was one of my best friends 19th Birthday. Me and my friend Trung decided to take her to dinner and then surprise her with a cake on top of Mount Cootha overlooking the scenery.

Trung , Lucy, Helen

how junior got his head pin out

Friday the 5th of August
Fringe Bar
Ice cream cake
Late night
Kylie Troung's 18th


in the night sky

Uni on a Tuesday afternoon, nothing better to do then procrastinate during a lecture and then bum around in an unfamiliar library whilst taking photos.


date with the night

Wow, back to uni already into the second week of this semester and I've been hit with a load of work already. One project I'm slowly completing is a folio of work with many designs and artworks that i'm hopefully submitting into the bachelor of fine arts fashion for 2012. With the influence of the Mona Lisa mood board, the sharp dresses and moose head dominated in my design process as i love the unusual contrast against each other. The toned color with hints or red, orange, and yellow makes it all the more clashing and weird in terms of being different.