the lions roar

A peaceful dinner date with work colleagues at Ceylon Inn (Indian Restaurant).
It was the last dinner outing with a friend before he leaves us for 1 month to Vietnam. The service was extremely good at the restaurant and the traditional cuisines of India were to die for.


danger in the past

Sign, sealed, and not yet delivered.
An envelope clutch with a side zip, specially made for my friends 18th birthday.
With so much free time on my hands, I've begun designing and making things for friends birthdays rather than buying them. I think it's much more personal and special when its crafted and made from a persons heart.


reaching through to the other side

Dinner date with best friend Duy Le, at Oishi sushi bar. Must admit it was the best sushi experience minus the low class interior.


it ended on an oily stage

It's at times like this you wanna get away from the heat and head down to a beach, just to relax and getaway from the world.


dancing to the underground

Friday night was the celebration of my best friend Tina's 18th and my 19th birthday.
We celebrated in style by popping some champagne to the beat of music in our hotel, then headed down to the valley to hit the clubs.
The end results were blisters, sore legs, melting make-up and the best night of 2011.


escalator to hell

I'm officially out of the 18th age and into the awkward age number of 19.



the engine driver

The tree is finally up, ready to go for the Christmas holidays.


the color of industry

100th POST!
I shall celebrate with photos from my current portfolio.


doors unlocked and open

Needed to buy an art diary, however i couldn't find any at the shopping center i was at. I decided to just make my own diary from an old notebook i had used for uni. I ripped the insides of the notebook out and glued a bunch of plain white A4 pages together with the help of pva glue and superglue.
The finish product is a new art diary, ready for inspirational ideas!

Speaking of which, here is a little doodle i did in my old art diary.
I've recently had an obsession with moose heads and couldn't resist drawing one.
Picture : moose head on plain paper with masking tape feature.


shake the streets

I am officially on holidays !
As a fashion student i do not have any exams during exam week, so it entitles me to a 4 month early holiday. During this time I've been busy designing and creating specific garments for my up coming interview with another fashion course (more information on it later). The skirt below is a finished product that I've been meaning to finish off awhile ago, but didn't get the chance due to my hectic uni work. It is a black satin skirt with an invisible zipper, specially fitted for my younger sister for her semi-formal.