the intense humming of death

The two week break from studying wasn't enough to do all the things I wanted to do on my list. I'm officially back into studying now, and from what is outlined for this semester it shall be a stressful and busy one. However, I am so ready to take it on and finish this year off on top of my A game. 
Last night I attended a close friends birthday party whom I haven't seen for about 6 months. It was a really odd feeling stepping foot into an unknown territory by myself, as this was not my sort of crowd. Being welcomed with open arms and having to explain why I went missing for a year was quite a warming feeling, as it showed they still care about my existence. I didn't stay for long though, due to work the next morning that had stopped me from staying late. I am also excited for August as not only is it three of my girls birthdays but also the biggest fashion show in Brisbane; The Mercedes Benz Fashion week kicks off, and cannot express how excited I am to be able to participate in such an event. 

Dress: Hopscotch
Cardigan: Mike & Gala


days of swine and roses

 Had the loveliest weekend spent with my closes girls. It was such a nice feeling catching up and being around people for a change. I've come to realise how much I miss interacting with other people, and meeting new people. I'm beginning to accept change and that being introduced to new things or people isn't so scary. It opens you up to more opportunities and friendships that can now develop and last for a life time. I've always been so independent and really kept my distance with being emotionally attached to people, as many have walked out of our lives. However, those who walk out are leaving new space for those who will walk in and make a new impact for the better or worst.

Jumper: Mink Pink
Top: Own design
Pants: Dotti
Rings: Diva


only theatre of pain

Getting the whole attending a funeral vibe with this outfit. Before most get worried about me being too exposed I did cover up with a nice coat that I shall not be taking off, whilst I run around doing my errands today. This outfit would also be half inspired by Dark Shadows, as my siblings and I got the chance to watch it yesterday night. Even with its bad reviews and not so hot rave, I found it absolutely good ! It was so enjoyable to watch even though it was semi horror at some scenes and the adult content was off the roof, I enjoyed the concept and theatrical element of the movie. Tim Burton never disappoints, so i don't know why everyones disappointed in the movie. What were they expecting though? Cause in my opinion the movie wasn't lacking anything. It had a good storyline, good acting and has Johnny Depp !!! Overall, i highly recommend you to watch it !

Top: Paper scissors
Skirt: Own design


in the flat field

After a long and dreadful past week, I have finally reached the first day of my mid semester break !
This week will be all dedicated to making new items for my wardrobe, and possibly doing an everyday outfit post. Even though I am on break, my body clock doesn't seem to agree with me. I've been waking up at the ungodly early hours of the morning, and haven't been able to sleep in just as of yet. It also gives me the sudden realisation that I tend to get more things done when I wake up early with more time on my hands, instead of sleeping in and missing out on half of the day. Also thanks to the weather, it has made it a tad easier to get out of bed as it isn't freezing in the morning. Hoping the weather stays that way throughout the week as I really need to catch up with my friends, who I've neglected for awhile. 

Top: Thrifted
Leggings: Jayjays
Rings: Diva
Sunglasses: Asos (Gifted from a friend)