girls on the dance floor

Thursday the 25th of November, i got the privelege to have a extravagant day out with my home girl Raina as we began our journey to chill at the Gold Coast.
Such a relaxing day to get out and about and adventure into our new found freedom, with no school or work to take worry about, it gave us the pleasure to relax and absorb life at its best.
The trip was by train and had taken us 2 hours to get there and back. Though if we had not missed our connecting trains we would have safely made it back under the 2 hour mark, but we can only run for the train at a certain speed and that the speed had seemed relatively slow.
The week we went down was also the week of schoolies, were all the graduates of 2010 come down to the Gold Coast and let loose after the daunting 12 years of schooling. We didnt stay for the whole week, as the party scene wasn't our thing but going for a day still classified us as being a part of schoolies (even if its was for less than 24 hours, we still experienced it).


what became of the likely lads

SO did i mention to anyone that im a full fledged adult now. 18, like seriously and utterly crazy. me .. 18 ? seriouslyyyyyy.

story of a thousand seasons past

ITS OVER! my whole life since i was born i have delved into the world of education, and after 12 years i have finally accomplished finishing my schooling years and now i am facing the real world.
No words can explain the excitement, the fears, the uncertainty and of course the future curiosity that i am feeling at the moment. It feels like a new found freedom, and with this freedom i shall start blogging on a regular basis, as i now have all the time in the world for adventures and D.I.Y projects i want to get on the way with. So please look forward to it my blogging friends.

Im going to miss many memories at school, such as the way it had brought out my creative side. Thanks to this school, i guess it brought out what i loved the most and that is to create and showcase. Through fashion and art it had shown me my abilities and capabilities as a young student that i am able to become what i truly desire and could be doing in the near future which is designing.

MY GIRLS ! truly going to miss these girls who have been there for me every single day of my schooling years. Since the first day i moved to this new high school, i have found a group that i was comfortable with, even though we had many silent moments it was a comfortable silent with these lovely ladies and i will still be seeing you in the future, as i want them to be apart of my life forever. I LOVE YOU GUYS!