caught by the fuzz

 " Kill them with success and bury them with a smile. " 
- Drake

 Half way through the study week and I cannot express how excited I am for the weekend to come. Not only will it be another week over, but it will be another week closer to mid year holidays! My plans for those will definitely be taking a long vacation away from home and possibly indulge myself in the presence of people. I've finally broken into my doc marten shoes and I am trying to wear it out. I've always liked the worn out look on boots, especially on a doc martens! It gives it more characteristic I reckon!

Collar top: Own design
Long sleeve top: Mossman
Leggings: Now
Shoes: Doc Martens
Rings: Diva & Forever New


for the hooves that gallop and the heels that march

 I've been meaning to get a new styled haircut for the past 3 months, and have not made the time nor effort to do so. My hair has been growing out from a bob cut and is really uneven in lengths. Maybe it's just me but I am petrified of going to the hairdressers, as I am of the dentists. It feels like I'm placing my life (hair) into another persons hand and with 1 cut it can all go wrong! It may sound dramatic, but hair really does change a persons image and face !

Cardigan: Thrifted
Singlet: Thirfted
Pants: Dotti
Rings: Diva & Lovisa


king of the rodeo

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day on the weekend! It wasn't so eventful in our household, as my siblings and I came to the conclusion that our mother has grown pass the mother's day gifts like we are with our birthday gifts so we opted to get her nothing but our forever lasting love. However, we did have a lovely family brunch that consisted of rice paper rolls and freshly caught white fish. The weekend ended so fast, which left me no time to do any of my fashion work. I must also blame my continuous youtubing addiction of dessert recipes and the whole season of 'how it's made' (which I highly recommend people to watch !). Today's outfit is missing my shoes. I wore my eBay buckle block heels but had to immediately take them off as my feet were throbbing. I guess that's what you get when you try to fit your ginormous feet into a size too small. 

Top: Own design
Pants: Dotti
Rings: Lovisa


standing in the way of control

My deepest apologies for neglecting my blog. I should have about 5 good excuses as to why I have not been updating lately. 1. I've just finished my major assessments last week, 2. My computer seem to not read my SD card, 3. I've been really depressed about missing out on Melbourne Fashion week, 4. I have clearly been wearing the same outfits over and over again and did not want to re-post, 5. It could just be that I am completely lazy and used these excuses as an alternative excuse to put blame on something else other than myself! That is what I do best. On a rather good note, the weather has been pleasant this year for the colder season, as it is catering to both my love for knitwear and skirts. It has not yet reached the unbearable cold forecast so I am still able to wear my skirts (for the time being). YAY! This leather skirt is one of my most recent purchases. I have been trying to find the perfect leather skirt for the winter and had no luck for the past few months. I did find a pleated leather skirt but found that it was so unflattering to my shape. I do recommend that if you have a small waist and wide hips to opt for an a-line or circular skirt, as it will sit firmer and nicer on the buttocks. I am also planning to do some sewing tutorials, so please look out for them by the end of this week. I was hoping to finish one by today, however my machine does not have an invisible zip foot so I'm waiting for another one to be delivered. I'm trying to start something new on the blog, with a little sewing corner for those who want to release their inner creativity !

Jumper: Aphrodite
Skirt: Factorie
Shoes: eBay


castles in the snow

Jumper: Dotti
Skirt: Own design
Shoes: Novo