the shaded forests

Had myself a merry little Christmas .
My sisters and i were woken up by our mother at 11am in the morning as she surprised us with a big brunch feast, that consisted of the traditional turkey, vegetables and many side dishes.
After brunch we exchanged gifts, my family had bought me the contemporary art book that i had been meaning to purchase myself. I also got an eyeshadow palette that folds for travel.
We sat around the lounge room popping the bonbons and played an intense game of trivia pursuit the Disney version, that went on til we had a clear winner.
Though Christmas this year was once again quiet, we had the company of our father home whom we don't see often to celebrate the festive day with, which made it all the more special.


apply some pressure

A red weaved pattern clutch, with an off-white zip.
This clutch was designed for my cousin's (not blood, just through marriage) 18th birthday.
It is the exact same as the black clutch i've made previously, however the position of the zip is different.
What i've noticed and have taken into account whilst choosing the right fabric for clutches is their strength. I made the mistake of not placing any stiffener on the black clutch and was dependent on the strength of the fabric to 'not flop' whilst holding, however it did just that.
With the red fabric i found that it did not need any stiffener to strengthen the fabric as the weaved frame had given extra thickness.
This clutch is one of my favorites and im sad to depart from it, though i know there will be more opportunities to make new and improved kind of clutches.


the lions roar

A peaceful dinner date with work colleagues at Ceylon Inn (Indian Restaurant).
It was the last dinner outing with a friend before he leaves us for 1 month to Vietnam. The service was extremely good at the restaurant and the traditional cuisines of India were to die for.


danger in the past

Sign, sealed, and not yet delivered.
An envelope clutch with a side zip, specially made for my friends 18th birthday.
With so much free time on my hands, I've begun designing and making things for friends birthdays rather than buying them. I think it's much more personal and special when its crafted and made from a persons heart.


reaching through to the other side

Dinner date with best friend Duy Le, at Oishi sushi bar. Must admit it was the best sushi experience minus the low class interior.


it ended on an oily stage

It's at times like this you wanna get away from the heat and head down to a beach, just to relax and getaway from the world.


dancing to the underground

Friday night was the celebration of my best friend Tina's 18th and my 19th birthday.
We celebrated in style by popping some champagne to the beat of music in our hotel, then headed down to the valley to hit the clubs.
The end results were blisters, sore legs, melting make-up and the best night of 2011.