in a world of lies, left with a burdened soul

the beauty of home


Recently i have decided to take this so called blogging more seriously, so i have decided to refresh my page and start over. Ironic right?
For starters i shall be resigning on my rants and rather focus more so on my daily life/interests and the what nots, still keeping in my mind that this is for the purpose of a self expressive blog than a space for conflicts. So let the blogging begin. On another lighter note cheers to those who actually take the time and effort in reading this, it wouldnt hurt to become my follower so follow me and we shall go far ;)


i like to fork myself.
DAUL KIM 1989 - 2009

An aspiring model who was taken away so suddenly by the pressure of media and industrial influences, those who seek to not speak shall perish in ones self leaving only the reminders of what could have been.

Rest in peace.

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