walk down the aisle

well can i just say im the worst at updating blogs! seriously, its not like i dont have the time to blog but im just so forgetful and completely lazy. Though nothing exciting has happened on my holidays and my D.I.Y projects were complete failures i have manage to inspire and pick myself up and actually look for patterns to make my own clothes.
i wanna start off making some of my own shorts in different patterned cotton fabric, im sure its okay to have silk shorts so why not cotton right ? well if not then i really dont give a shit, and just make and wear them anyways cause i can.
Hopefully this week i get payed and be able to go to spotlight and by some fabrics i have in mind .
The truth is im a money saver and spending my own working money makes me cringe but now i shall put that aside and focus on living off my own money instead of the parents. and for once feel its okay to spend money without thinking of it as a waste or im doing something bad. seriously i have this close bond with my moeny that i jsut cant let it go, its a weird obssesive compulsive nature in me.

so stay tuned to my shorts and hopefully it works out ! andddd sad newssss: starting school tomorrow, so it means more stress coming my way and 10 weeks of living in hell. yayers to meeee.


jst.me said...

you can make me some shorts :D

->> Lea baby said...

i like your blogs helen.

mikey9267 said...

put my name on the shorts somewhere (: