edge of darkness

11th of July; A night out with my woolworths workmates Lucy and Trung.
We went to a dessert restaurant down in the valley during the night, and let me tell you that that place is ah-ah-ah-amazingg. You have to know what youre getting though or else you may very well end up with a very sweet and shit dessert and waste money, like what my freind did. We were very hungry, so we all decided to order a meal to share and buy our own serves of desserts. Little did we know that the table we sat on did not accompany all our dishes and we had trouble fitting 5 plates of food for 3 people. It would have been smart for them to actually let us finish our pizza and chips before bringing out our desserts that had icecream on top ! We werent even half way through our meal when they unloaded our desserts, so of course we had to eat the dessert first. I ordered the spanish churros, thinking it was large, hot, thick and moist. I was completely wrong, it came out small and became cold very fast. They overloaded the sticks with so much cinnamon that it lterally just tasted like a ball of cinnamon candy. However, Lucy's jam donuts made up for my lose of churros as they where much more delicious ! We then headed off to watch toy story 3 that ended really late ! stupid previews, it went on for a good 30 minutes before starting the movie. and fyi, toy story is one of the most recommendable movie i must say and is going to be a huge hit for 2010 ! i loved itttt ...

I was actually wearing heels for the first time in a long time, trying to get a lot of practice so im use to them for the formal. the things i do for my partner.

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