girls on the dance floor

Thursday the 25th of November, i got the privelege to have a extravagant day out with my home girl Raina as we began our journey to chill at the Gold Coast.
Such a relaxing day to get out and about and adventure into our new found freedom, with no school or work to take worry about, it gave us the pleasure to relax and absorb life at its best.
The trip was by train and had taken us 2 hours to get there and back. Though if we had not missed our connecting trains we would have safely made it back under the 2 hour mark, but we can only run for the train at a certain speed and that the speed had seemed relatively slow.
The week we went down was also the week of schoolies, were all the graduates of 2010 come down to the Gold Coast and let loose after the daunting 12 years of schooling. We didnt stay for the whole week, as the party scene wasn't our thing but going for a day still classified us as being a part of schoolies (even if its was for less than 24 hours, we still experienced it).

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