shes breaking china

4 weeks into uni, and i haven't stopped either working or studying and the occasional procrastinations. This weekend we, as a family decided to take a trip to the gold coast to visit one of the theme parks; Movie world! I felt like a young kid again, running around in amazed at the rides and going into little shops wanting to buy things. We went on nearly all the big rides except for the lethal weapon (bad first time experience, this ride completely knocks your head and ears about to the point that you think you've gone deaf!). My sister convinced me to go on the Superman after i was having a fit about not going on it, but in the end i really enjoyed the ride and it was actually not scary at all. My mother went on a photo rampage and took productive photos of us instead of going on the rides with us. It was one of the best days I've had with my family so far, and it was enjoyable to be in the vast company of loved ones after studying on such a long period of time. Going to the theme parks is a recommended remedy for family bonding I'd say!

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