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Lately there has been a craze with collars, from the cotton to the vinyl, simple to the intricate. I've been designing and drawing up ideas for unique uses of collars on different garments and cannot wait to show the outcome of the final products. I think the key to collars is it has to be able to button up all the way for the full effect of a collar, its no use having a beautiful collar only seen unbuttoned and sitting flimsily upon the shoulders!

Recently, i had bought a simple collared blouse pattern and created my own collared top that buttoned all the way. The difference with this one is it's only a trial and error as it was my first time attempting to make one. Tutorial will be up soon, and more collared top designs that i have in mind will be posted once i finish them.

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Xavi said...

I agree with you. Buttoned up collar looks always lovelly.