melt down the knives

I've been inspired/obsessed/crazy with the color gold this whole week, and decided i needed to include something in an outfit that represented my madness for gold!
With a recent Christmas haul of fabrics from spotlights end of year sales, i managed to pick out a satin gold with hints of sparkles through the thread that screamed for my attention in the pile of untouched fabrics.
I decided to create a skirt as it was flattering and also it is versatile to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
Though at the end of the night, how i did it i do not know, but i managed to rip the side of the skirt and now there's a massive hole asking for perverted attention. It's repairable, but I'm not sures it's worth repairing since i found the skirt a bit too short for my liking.

black crop top: own design
gold skirt: own design
ring: diva
bracelets: old bits and pieces from here and there

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