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On Saturday I had the pleasure of working backstage at a fashion event that was held at Komune Beach Club in Coollangatta, QLD/NSW.
I was accompanied by my class mates Kerri and Sidnee to help Designer Alana McBain of Mac + Bain with her collection showcase.We found out that Alana was also a past student at AICD and has now found success through her own label Mac + Bain. 
The event was held at a beach resort that was compatible to the resort/beach aesthetic that the label Mac + Bain carried. We were assigned models to dress and prep for the runway and were taught many tricks and tips of the fashion trade.

Could not resist the urge to try these on ! Authentic Christian diamante Louboutin, I mean who wouldn't dare ?!!?!


LoveT. said...

The Shoes ♡ :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! SO JEALOUS!! what's the name of the course you are doing? i wanna check it out, it sounds so amazing!! OHH AND LOUBOUTINS <3


Anonymous said...

OH, BTW did you check out Mossman? I went but didn't seem to find them, i think they were all sold out babe...:(

Nadiye Meral said...

woah the shoes look so awesome! :D

Sooji said...

Totally love the Louboutin pumps!!

MonicJanet said...

ooo louboutin <3.... a gread blog :D
- Monika