for the hooves that gallop and the heels that march

 I've been meaning to get a new styled haircut for the past 3 months, and have not made the time nor effort to do so. My hair has been growing out from a bob cut and is really uneven in lengths. Maybe it's just me but I am petrified of going to the hairdressers, as I am of the dentists. It feels like I'm placing my life (hair) into another persons hand and with 1 cut it can all go wrong! It may sound dramatic, but hair really does change a persons image and face !

Cardigan: Thrifted
Singlet: Thirfted
Pants: Dotti
Rings: Diva & Lovisa


Viona Cindytia said...

Like ur casual style ;)

Anonymous said...

great outfit!love it!

Clara Turbay said...

It is fantastic to visit a site like this full of good ideas.