champagne from a paper cup

this post was meant to be sent on the day it happened though i did not have time to come around in posting it up.
happy birthday tyna my love, as she celebrated her life in this world of 17 years.
we went off to a luncheon at landmarks a place in sunnybank that serves yumcha food. it was lovely to share meals and chit chat amongs the table. we then proceeded to a pool place that had great music and atmosphere , though i do say that it was not my cup of tea as i do not like playing nor interacting in pool. then it was time to head off to the city were i found great jewelry bargains i could not resist and just had to buy as i am such an impluse buyer (mind you they were only $2 for a bunch)

Shoutout to tina and anna that are featured in the photos.

My clothing is a vintage marbled dye dress by harper, that i brought at a small boutique shop in god knows where for only $20! im addicted to its colour and the lightness of the dress.

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