the last unicorn

fashion teacher: do you do art?
me: yes
fashion teacher: then you should be able to draw the garment well
me: err, i do more of collages than drawing cause im not good at drawing
fashion teacher: *gives a wierd face (probably thinking, you do art so why cant you draw)
This was after my teacher had looked through my fashion folio to criticise my so called amateur sketches of my wedding dress design. She even had the decency to lay out everyone elses drawings to compare how bad my one is too theres.

seriously where does my fashion teacher get off, stereotyping what art is. that my friends has brought me to this conclusion that society is so fixated on the fact that artists are all good at drawing. WRONG ! not all artists can draw well and definitely i cannot draw well. if art was all about drawing objects and potraits well then wouldnt our earth be a lot less interesting with nothing unusual to look at or no admiration for those who rebell against the notion of art! seriously, everyone needs to relax and stop being such perfectionists in this modern age cause not eveyrone can draw like bloody picasso and van gough.

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-kills art teacher-