behold a marvel in the dark

Yesterday i was meant to attend a tutorial that started at 2, however i was running late to the class and ended up going to the city to shop instead.
I ended up purchasing another pair of naughty monkey boots that were on special for $10. I previously bought the exact same pair for the retail price of $30, and could not resist getting another for less than half its price. I purchased a simple mixed chiffon navy blue blouse at paper scissors for only $15, which was rather plain with a huge zip statement at the back which i loved. To add to my make up collection i purchased an inexpensive kabuki brush that had seemed to be the rave these day, just to test it out before i buy a expensive one. I also bought Rimmel eyeshadow trio in the 730 old spice. Both of these products were on special for $2.99, so it was a great bargain.

Recently I've been on a make-up haul, as I'm beginning to experiment with different types and shade of make-up. I've begun to have a love for eyeshadow and wanted something neutral on the base of my lids. I thought the Rimmel eyeshadow would do the trick with its nude shades however i found it not very pigmented. The color did not show up very well once applied to the skin and they seem to all have the same color tone. Though it was unfortunate they were that way, i am still going use them as a base for my brown colors in the future.

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