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I am in love with Gareth Pugh!!!
I've only heard about this wonderful designer through an art website where he was confined to a small room and spent the entire time creating a slashed dress. I've recently decided to take a further look into the design and fashion aesthetic that Gareth uses and must i stress that its absolutely out of this world! He is one of the most innovative and clever designer (coming second from Alexander McQueen of course) that has a unique and extraordinary design aesthetic that stands out of any runway show. The way he uses and manipulates the fabrics creates a complex yet easy on the eye garments through the techniques of perfect construction and execution. Though his collections are classified by many as 'art to fashion' most of the clothing are very wearable and steers away from the notion of the idealistic forms in fashion.
The thing i love most about his design aesthetic, that somewhat inspires me, are his use of colors. I love the contrasts between the whites and black and the use of hints of rich and bold colors such as gold and blue to break away the link between light and dark shades.
Gareth Pugh is a designer added to my influential designers list as he has a bold and daring style that the fashion industry has not seen for years. The way he sells the products and the artistic collaborations behind his work is inspirational to me as a fashion student and as an art lover.

Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

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