only theatre of pain

Getting the whole attending a funeral vibe with this outfit. Before most get worried about me being too exposed I did cover up with a nice coat that I shall not be taking off, whilst I run around doing my errands today. This outfit would also be half inspired by Dark Shadows, as my siblings and I got the chance to watch it yesterday night. Even with its bad reviews and not so hot rave, I found it absolutely good ! It was so enjoyable to watch even though it was semi horror at some scenes and the adult content was off the roof, I enjoyed the concept and theatrical element of the movie. Tim Burton never disappoints, so i don't know why everyones disappointed in the movie. What were they expecting though? Cause in my opinion the movie wasn't lacking anything. It had a good storyline, good acting and has Johnny Depp !!! Overall, i highly recommend you to watch it !

Top: Paper scissors
Skirt: Own design

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Lena said...

so amazing and inspiring!