sunset glow

On the 5th of June, Corinda State Highschool celebrated its 50th anniversary with an open day. During this period leading up to this eventful day, my fashion class had been busy designing, creating and sewing our very own wedding gowns to display at the 50th anniversary showcase. I was place into the group cosisting of Raina and Jose, might i add it was a pleasure working with them even though we did not meet eye to eye, coming up with a mermaid/fan inspired gown that was a success. The day started off with each models parading the gowns outdoors and walking around the school awing people. A stage was then provided for the desinger and gown to be paraded upon the stage itself which was such a highlight for people to witness our very own designs. This was a spectacular day and hopefully more works to come in the near future.

Flores-Ha-Naidu designs.

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