heaven is a place on earth

It seems like the misery of school work is over as exams have finally come to an end. Therefore posting will now be regularly than before. Lately nothing exciting has been happening except for all the talks about formal. The one day of the school year that most year 12's look forward to is their very own formal, but some how i do not feel any exciting urges for it. I would rather not go as i think its a waste of money and time. However, i have to go as i have been asked and agreed to it in sheer delightlness. Never knew that formal dress shopping would be this hard as of now i have less than 8 weeks to find one, im sure i will find the perfect one in time if i wasnt so lazy and got out there to look. I also met some crisis, as i have recently found out i have some scars on the back of my shoulders that arent very appealing. I need to find alternatives to get rid of them or else i shall not go formal. Its so distressing and bloody annoying to have these scars as i know it will be impossible to get rid of. any helppp ? as of now im trying a lot of creams and aloe vera treatment to help even up the scar colours to suit my own skin so hopefully it works or else im doomed. ON a side night leaving lovely pictures of me at my school social which was held.

L-R: Me, Tina, Hanh-An, Arianne, Hue & Dalena

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