in a world full of lies, left with a burdened soul

Who seriously doesn’t love harry potter? I have been such a harry potter fan since the very first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone came out, and I am delighted that the whole book collection are made into movies. Not only are the books an amazing read but the movies are quite extraordinary with all its high definition graphics and advanced filming techniques used in the movie itself. A few days ago while lounging around my home; I was watching an episode of Ellen DeGeneres where she was at the opening of the new Harry Potter theme park in America. I literally dropped dead and was screaming in amazement as she entered the theme park and paraded around the replicated set of Hogwarts. The whole theme park was the exact replica of Hogwarts, the Towns, the lolly/magic shop, the wand store and even the school; they even had a machine that produced beer butter! OMG i would love to try it, even though it sounds disgusting but it looks like butter scotched warm milk drink ... pretty yummo. They even had some characters dancing and prancing along the walkways like in the real movies. It was seriously the best thing I’ve seen in my life and im dead set excited to go in years to come. I love Harry Potter and I am definitely making a life goal to visit that theme park!
Another Harry Potter newsflash is the very last movie; the Deathly Hallows! It’s still in the works and is very well coming out real soon and im hella excited. Call me geek nerd loser or whatever but omg I love harry potter and i cannot wait for the last movie to come out. I do hope it isn’t as rushed as the last movie as they completely left out heaps of good bits and fast tracked into the movie way too quickly. The best one in my opinion is Goblet of fire as that was when they all matured and all the drama ‘have to kill Voldemort so let’s build an army force’ began happening. Enough with the Harry potter saga, finishing off right now with another little thing, Harry Potter totally owns twilight hands down, and no questions about it. I’m just sorry Edward but you got nothing on Dumbledore.

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