lost in the trees

 I believe Australia is now into the winter season, as the cold front moves through the city. I've been so behind on updating my blog due to the immense work load I've had to juggle last week. I've finally finished my restyle denim project and cannot wait to find my phone camera plug to show the documented process of the project. The week flew by so fast and I still ended up not being able to complete my dress for the races next week, and a white blouse I've been longing to make for the winter. I literally have no clothing in my wardrobe at the moment, as I raided and threw out over half of my clothing due to it being too big or i just did not wear it enough. This also means that I must go shopping to refill the empty closet of mine, which won't be a hard task! Sales for the end of financial year is coming up this week or so, and I cannot wait to add new pieces into my closet either from retail or my own designs.

Sweater: Mossman
Top: Paper Scissors
Shorts: Just Jeans
Tights: Target

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s2danii. said...

hooly crap, I'm in love with that sweater. I probably wouldn't be able to pull off something like that, but you totally nailed it :)