murder at the stiletto formal

my new addition to my collection of shoes.
I'm not much of a fan for heels, but i am absolutely into wedges! I've always wanted a pair of wedges but there was none that suited my style. I've been looking for wedges i could casually go out in for any occasion not being a formal event. It had to be black, with little embellishment, simple design, with lace at the front, and had to be vinyl. This particular pair i picked up at Dotti for a margin of its price, and it really satisfied my check list for purchasing wedges. The heels weren't very high, it didn't have any embellishment, it was black and a vinyl fabric that really drew me to the pair. I, of course immediately brought it as these additions would be a good pick me up shoe for on the go. However, i'm still in the search of higher wedges especially for many night outs and events coming up.

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