death kult social club

A little picnic on the meadow filled with appetizing food to satisfy our long awaited catch up session down by the botanical gardens with Raina and Vanessa. I haven't seen these two ladies since last year so we had decided to be a little pommy and have a picnic date today. It was to not only catch up on life but also to embrace the beautiful weather mother nature has brought upon us (which was very hot and humid!).

Just the simple leisure in life enjoying a peach tea refreshment in a wine cup whilst consuming sour dough bread, Swiss cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes!

The botanical garden is such a beautiful and peaceful place to just go and relax with friends or even by yourself. It has such an amazing scenery and plants that are truly breathtaking and admirable in nature itself. We walked around every part of the place as possible just reading and sniffing plants that had appealed to our senses. This place would definitely be on the list to go back and experience again, as not only was it a place for plants and gardens but it also contained a planetarium that i was extremely excited about. Although i have to come back again to see it as i didn't have enough time today!

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