the good that wont come out

Don't you just love it when friends go overseas and come back bearing gifts?
Recently i had caught up with one of my work mates who took a trip overseas to asialand. We and also my dear friend Lucy went out for dinner at a Korean cuisine restaurant called Maru ( they make the best rice cakes ever! ) where he had surprised us by presenting both of us with a faux Chanel bag in black and white. I, of course had dibs on the black one since white color products does not appeal to me as a) they get dirty too easily, b) is too bright of a color and c) does not match anything in my wardrobe.

The faux Chanel is a side bag, small in height but wide in width and is very sufficient in holding the many things a girl needs to carry with its many pockets and secret sides. It's of a black vinyl fabric quilted together to give the replicated Chanel trademark look.
Usually with products over in Asia the quality and style of replicated bags are not so well done and looks like a terrible rip-off of the product, however once i opened this bag and inspected it for myself, i was blown away by the features it had on the bag. The bag had 2 flaps, one being the overall fold on top of the bag and the other being a flap that covered the inside more. There where also a pocket behind the bag and also a small compartment behind the second flap, that hid secretly. Opening the second flap reveals the main inside where its divided into 2 sections and feature other small pockets for little things. I was overly happy with the bag and how organized it had look, the way it featured many pockets and the interior was divine to ones eye. I was also pleased with the chain as the length was relatively long and it was thick. Overall, i love this bag in more ways than one; though i still have to test out its strength and mobility due to it being made over in Asia but so far my impressions are good.

Another thing about the interior i must mention is it was RED! everything else is black then when you open it up the array of the luscious and luminous color of red radiates out of the bag and demands you to wear it. oh how i love the contrast between black and red!

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