drop kick the punks

A trip down to the coast with Lucy and Trung, to visit the infamous chocolate restaurant Max Brenner while embracing such beautiful weather. The restaurant has everything chocolate from the menu to the interior that makes you kind of feel like a kid entering into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I however must say that it did not meet up to its hype, maybe because im not such of a chocolate fan but the meal was very ordinary and too rich in chocolate. It didn't have anything that was unique or different. I had the trutti frutti which consisted of a waffle with drizzled choclate on top featuring banna, strawberry and vanilla ice cream on the side. It was very filling, but it did not satisfy my taste buds. Overall, i wouldn't personally go back as i know there are better dessert restaurants that would totally kick its butt.
p.s This event happened a week ago, but i just finally received photos for it. ta ha!

Its moments like this you just wanna take a step back and pause time for awhile, just to embrace it momentarily as life seems to be running away from us too fast.

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