submarines of stockholm

Recently I've had the urge to make a maxi skirt to add to my wardrobe. I wanted a plain and simple black maxi that featured an elastic waist band to go with my other clothing. I had brought a chiffon fabric that had a mix of polyester fibers in it to accomplish this maxi skirt.
This maxi skirt was more of a trial and test kind of project; with many cut corners, unfinished hems, no overlocking, and major alterations after the finished product, that it turned out better than expected.
I firstly measured my waist and doubled it to give for gathering. With my measurement i halved it to draft upon my fabric that was folded in half. I had then angled my measuring tape to about 60 degrees outright to get my length. It was a quick job of sewing both front and back together and attaching it onto the elastic band to give me the rough end product. From there i tried it on multiple times and adjusting it myself with pins. I ended up taking in way more width on the skirt and hemming up the length as it was really long and big.
The end results were really surprising as it had turned out looking better than i first thought after all that nip tucking. I actually wore it out the next day to a friends birthday party and was glad to see how strong it had held up with its dodgy stitches. I'm positive ill be making more in different kinds of patterns and fabric to wear to uni, as its a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many ways through many seasons.

End product (Excuse the bad photo, it was taken at night under fake light)

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