existentialism on prom night

Spent the day out with one of my close friends Duy. We had decided way back that we needed to go eat out at yumcha after postponing it several times, we actually got to dine into Kings of King yumcha restuarnt in the valley today. The service at the place was a tad terrible but the food makes up for it.

After yumcha we decided to go explore and shop around the valley as it was one of those places we've never really gotten to know. The weather was mighty hot and humid which required us to buy about a gazillion liters of fluid to keep us hydrated and on the go. We stumble on some vintage shops where i brought myself a little vintage leather bag and Duy scored himself some shorts at such good price.
In the corner of one of the street was a little Institute of Modern Art, and me being an art fanatic immediately went to check it out. It showcased very explicit photographs of people which were very interesting all the while weird at the same time. It was much smaller than the other galleries which we didn't get to visit as they were closed. We hung around the gallery and embraced the air conditioning as it was much better than battling the heat outside.

We ended up going back to the city and wandered around the food markets. We came across refreshments of sugar cane drinks which made up for the unavailability of lemon lime bitter Slurpee which could not be found.

We decided to walk to south bank with our drinks and just chill across the lawn as it began to become dark just to enjoy the breeze and relax from the full adventure day we had had.
It's really nice to just sit down, relax and talk about everything whilst in the company of such a good friend.

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