consolers of the lonely

I found this chiffon dress on the ASOS website and was obsessed over the sleeves!
i wanted to wear one just like it to a night out i was attending though no shops had the dress with chiffon sleeve, so what better way of having one is only to design and make one.

I only had 1 day to do it all in as i had left it to the last minute and only had scraps of materials in my fabric basket to work with. I had to used a babydoll template and cut it out of a cotton jersey panama fabric, i also added shape to the side and darts at the back. The sleeves were constructed out of a blouse shirt sleeve as i wanted it long not short and gathered using elastic. It was a dodgy job of a dress but nevertheless wearable. The only problem i thought afterward was the bottom could have been more fitted, i could have sewed the hem straighter and should have ironed it. But it turned out to be such a good last minute outfit and i'm proud to claim it as my own.

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