the haunted tea rooms

A casual day out with the family to embrace the only sunlight we've received this week. Not long to go til I am officially on holidays and can get my act together with my long list of sewing and designing new clothes for my closet. I've been adding new items here and there however I'm always feeling as though it is still empty. I especially hate it when I buy something and when I get home I  never end up wearing it and eventually the refund dates expires and I'm left with a garment I'm not satisfied with. This always happens whenever I buy T-shirts, it is so hard to find a nice T-shirt that could just go with jeans, skirts, and shorts. I usually buy a basic T-shirt and when I try it on with things in my closet it throws off my outfit. I think it's because T-shirts are too casual ? Or It could only be my styling of them. Still, I wish I was able to style them nicely, maybe some tips on this would be helpful? How do you wear your shirts?

Top: Own Design
Skirt: Factorie
Necklace: Equip
Sunglasses: Dotti
Hat: Dotti


Candypop said...

love the outfit!


CampbellGirl said...

VERY cute! Love the skirt :) x

Viona Cindytia said...

OMG love your whole outfit ! <3

s2danii. said...

hooly crap you made that top? It looks amazing! Great outfit :)
And as a reply, I sort of use sprays for my piercing..? I'm using like, 3 diff things for it haha....

Sharon said...

Gorgeous!!! I love your shirt and skirt