misery loves it's company

HELLO AUTUMN! finally the cold weather has arrived and with all the rain that comes along with it. This season is the best season for fashion, yes finally my long awaited jackets and jeans can be taken out and worn ! they shall see the light of day once again. Today mother and i went to dfo to do abit of shopping. Unfortunately i did not buy anything, as everything seemed to be out of season now and plus all the specials were on summer clothing. I did however find the closes pair of the sunglasses i wanted for so long, but they had a leopard print around the rim so i was abit hesistant to buy it since im not a big fan of leopard prints. Sitting here thinking about them now, i sorta really want them, might go back next week and if its still there ill buy it !

Room is quite messy, you must forgive me as we are going through a re-renovating period at the moment, in less then an hour my room will be painted new and improved! My parents are on some high, cause they decide to re-paint the whole house and re-do our kitchen and bathroom installing new features! our house looks wicked now, but abit scary with all the white colouring going on.

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