buried myself alive

while tidying up my room i came across my collection of jewelry that has brought something to my attention. im an impulse buyer !!! I have spent over 100 dollars on jewelry that i seem to only wear once and then leave it aside to build up dust. Jewelry is an essential item for me, and i must wear it with every outfit and everytime i go out in order to not feel so naked. even if its a short trip to the markets i have to have at least something on my wrists. But now i realise i should really cut down on my spendage with it cause its counting up to be alot, but then again i find the cheapest and most coolest jewerly all the time, so why shouldnt i, right?

Beaded bracelets: some are hand made by me and the rest are brought from op shops.


Overly sized earrings

A new addition to my collection a necklace

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