one too many times

My days have been slowly dwindling, so much stress and anger built inside i just wanna explode. i have however accomplished in completing 2 out of my 4 assignments which was the plan from the start. This week has been raining non-stop which feels rather refreashing for once, no more of the sweating and fanning in class.

I'm one of many prefects in my year level, and this week we recieved our blazers. and yes everybody knows my obsession with jackets so this was much joy for me. We had to rent them out for the year but i seriously wanna keep them forever, without having to pay the hefty fine. The is green with a school logo on the side pocket, and it also conatins shoulder pads! yes shoulder pads are sooo in nowww , as the cold approaches the new clothings come rushing in.

cant wait to go shopping this saturday, going to have a spreeeeeee .

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