this heart attack

FISHING. Yes, im a fan of fishing. The family on saturday headed down to Coollangatta near the border of QLD and NSW, on the coastal area where theres a pier for fishing and a beach next to it. The day was sunny with heavy wind, like literally heavy wind that blew my hair out of place on my head. I caught over 50 small fishes ( yes im not even kidding ), which was a big achievement. We woke up about 8 and got onto the road at about 9, it takes about 1.5 hours to get there and in that time the use of my ipod was greatly needed. When we got there we realise there was a surfing competition going on, so we did not end up going for a swim at the beach at all which was rather a bummer. Spent the whole time fishing, and did not realise how fast time goes by. We finished up at about 4 and headed home cause i was feeling really sore and tired from holding and reeling all day long, as soon as we got into the car my head jsut feel straight to sleep. Although i caught those fishes i dont eat fish often so its all for my siblings.

On a side note: i finished off all assignments and exams so im stress free. parties are coming up and outtings are a must have now. ive learnt this week that i need my friends around me, even though i act like i dont need them i soon realised they mean so much more to me now as they did before. im really greatful for having such wise and competant people around me to push me to my limits. Oh, and ive begin driving! finally i ahve hit the road feeling confident as ever and hopefully clock up 1 hour everyday to get my hours to get my P's. this is another mission in life for me.

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hahah thats a very nice photo helen :)