walking with a ghost

pimple break outs are so devastating ! i have a shitload of pimples growing on my forehead and it seems to be esculating. I'm in need of another facial, waiting on my fresh supply of white masks facials from hongkong which is rather exciting.

Today it had occurred to me when my friend brought the topic up, that i rather have a non-existant social life. I do go out here and there, for special occassions but i however do not socialise as a whole. I dont have facebook, i dont have bebo, i dont have myspace. without having these sites im practically a social outcast right? However i beg to differ, i rather not have these sites that proclaims to be taking over peoples lives. it had arised to my understanding that its not because of the social networking sites that makes me non-socialable but rather the people im around. they claim i dont socialise but how am i meant to if they dont offer themselves the oppurtunity to socialise with me, it actually takes 2 to start a conversation and a hangout. so i guess i really need to know who my real freinds are before i head out again, cause if they are only calling me out for the sake of pity then i dont need them, i have better things to do than what they realise.

and on a rather lighter note: need a total wardrobe change, might start collecting bits and pieces. and need to loose my hips asap! if only it was that easy, realised they look to wide for nice high waisted shorts.

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