sometime around midnight

It's kind of nice catching up with high school friends again. Makes you miss those moments in life where you have no worries and responsibilities to think about, and that the world wasn't as scary as it seems now. Growing up makes you realise that being young is something you should not take for granted.

I apologise for not being able to take a photo of me wearing the outfit or any photos of the dinner with my friend, as i was in a terrible rush and forgot my camera at home !
We went to a Sushi Restaurant for dinner and stopped by at Cha tea for dessert where we stayed for hours catching up on a years worth of conversation.

Top: Own Design
Skirt: Cotton On
Knit jumper: Dotti
Shoes: Girl xpress


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Hey darl, thanks for the comment. Yeah the b collection eyeshadow seems to be alright. it's got a good pigment when swatched but i found it rubs off a little too easier than i'd like it too.

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Heather said...

Love the black and white pics!


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