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"Today will be the first day of the rest of your life"
This was quoted by the head co-coordinator of the Australian Institute of Creative Design, as i sat down for my first lesson this year.
We were made to do self introductions to a group of only 28 students, who all have the same dreams and ambitions that are all shared amongst each other. One of the teachers asked us, "Why do we want to do this course? and what do we want out of it?" For a long moment i sat there pondering on an honest answer I could give, but the truth is this has never crossed my mind. I've never thought about why i wanted to do Fashion, I've always done it. I've never thought about why i wanted to design, I've always done it. It has become something that i don't want but rather something I need. I need to do fashion and I need to design, as that's the only self expressive or freedom I have for myself. Yeah it may sound lame and cliche, and yeah there are a lot of designers out there with heartfelt stories of how they went from nothing to something. But in the end, Fashion and Design has become a huge part of my life and I cannot see myself departing from that.
I left today feeling more motivated than ever to fulfill my goals and dreams, through hard work, sweat, tears and pain. This year will be my year!!!

It would be obvious that I'm inspired by black and occasionally white.
I feel these two shades are the best all round colours for fashion, and are suitable for everyone to wear. The button up top was inspired by the block colour trend that has hit Australia recently. However, being a not so colourful person i decided to try white with black for a change.

Top: own design
Skirt: Cotton On
Rings: Diva & Forever new


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my dear, i always love your post and your design <3


Kim L said...

Love the lips and top!! :)

Wish u were still in Melbourne!

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it just because you always have a great post <3
anyway, you look like an actrees in my country :D


Aoife said...

Hi lovely! Just started following you :) I absolutely adore your pictures, they are stunning!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend :) xx

Tamina said...

your top looks great :-) good work honey

Lea said...

i love your blog! and your outfit.
the picture with the birds is amazing!


Pop Champagne said...

ohh LOVE your shirt!!

Rebelission said...

Amazing post!

ss fashion world said...

Love your outfit !! amazing post, and really great blog :)
What do you think, of following each other ?

Alysa Dela Cruz said...

awesome blog! I'm so glad I came across it! Following you dear! hope you follow back! :)