hell is chrome

I've never imagined myself being overly exhausted everyday after returning home from college (and it's only been day 3 !)
There really isn't enough time in a day to get everything you need done.
Class today was a tough one ! We learnt how to use the "proper" industrial machines that are 10 times faster than domestic machines and a lot harder to get use too.
I'm not sure if i was the only one who struggled with speed and had to unpick my stitching 30 times, but i do blame the contribution of the thick heel in the doc martens i was wearing. It really didn't allow me to feel the treadle as much as i could hence why i kept sewing so fast, i think... Hopefully with a lot of help and practice I'll get use to it just in time for our first skirt assignment.

top: thrifted
shorts: Just Jeans
lace top: Paper Scissors


Katherine Tealeaf said...

The lace top is gorgeous!

Bea said...

really nice pictures and outfit :)


-------------- said...

outstanding black and white pictures my dear <3


Pearla & Juls said...

I like your Blog (:
Greedings from Italy.

Candypop said...

Love the photos you compiled together i like the shorts!!!


Mona M. said...

Wonderful pictures!! <3

ss fashion world said...

Great photos ! Love it :)

Gelianne Alba said...

those are really cool photos!
nice blog!


Julia said...

Nice pics...great inspiration.
Would be happy if you visiting my blog at times :-)